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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:59

Trabzonspor was back to the infirmary

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Trabzonspor Club Doctor Hakan Valens , made ​​a statement about players with disabilities .

Trabzon news:
Merlin, in his statement , \"UEFA Champions League have played in Legia Warszawa match injured captain Honor brisk October 17 in Istanbul on left anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery will be . surgery, Dr. Freddie Fu to do ,\"he said . < br/> Merlin, still Legia Warszawa match during the left cheekbone broken Avraam Papadopoulos regarding the \"after fracture of our players had surgery , and on Wednesday a special mask with the team started to work . sportsman from the same region complaint voiced on the last small operation than was passed . Papadopoulos three days after being rested again, a special mask training will begin , \"he said .
Kevin Constantine on the status of the statement finds the Merlin, said:
\"Constantine left ankle talus bone edema due treatment and lounge efforts are continuing . Oct. 13 on Monday we radiological controls after the players have started training with the with will give our decision . \"
Valens , on August 31 we played Raith Rovers match right fibula distal fracture diagnosed striker Deniz Yilmaz on as , \"the follow-up after the plaster splint was made. On Monday radiological controls , then return to sport about the work we plan will do, \"he said .
young players, Yusuf Erdogan on Thursday evening training on the left in the groin area feel pain because of the work he had interrupted stating that Merlin, \"Yusuf taken yesterday May result groin minimal edema was detected. player , our clinical status , subject to the 3-5 day protection purpose room to work in ,\"he said .
Thursday evening held in training defender Mustafa Akbas enters late challenge as a result of the left foot hit the voicing of Valens , \"Player of yesterday morning on the examination at the foot of the pain and swelling increased as a result of radiological examinations were done . controls as a result of foot soft tissue crushing , respectively. Mustafa 1-2 days rest and after working with the team will begin , \"he said .
Valens , right navicular bone and the metatarsal bone marrow edema , Mustafa Yumli with the left rear thigh muscle injury and later left lower leg muscle injury that occurred Aykut Demir starting on Wednesday in sports specific start work , he said.
Club doctor Hakan Valens , the team's Austrian camp left foot navicular bone occurring stress fractures that were operated Self Hurmaci a controlled way with the team started to work stressed.

Trabzonspor was back to the infirmary" comments for.


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