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  • 03 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 11:35

Traces of a giant volcano on Mars!

Traces of a giant volcano on Mars!
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There are super-volcanoes on Mars may have been reported.

Mars on the planet billions of tons of rock and ash into the sky spray time immemorial have super volcanoes may have been reported.

According to the BBC, scientists, and Jacob Bleacher Joe Michalski, Mars, north of crashes in the region called Arabia Terra, they believe may be the remains of the super volcanoes.

findings in the journal Nature published, scientists, super-volcanoes, heavily influenced the development of early Mars is believed to be.

super volcanoes, have influenced the structure of the atmosphere, climate, rainfall and ash overturned, covered a large part of the planet can be defended, scientists discovered that Mars is currently the source of some of the deposits are high chances that this may be a very big explosions.

Researchers Arabia Terra'daki calderas, irregular shapes, the central apex and in the past because they are deprived of the ledge improbable oluşmalarını see the meteor struck.

The super-volcanoes, but also the elements necessary for life and water, may be taken off the deepest part of the planet said.

Traces of a giant volcano on Mars!" comments for.


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