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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:58

Tractors are going to Peasant's Foot for Inspection

Tractors are going to Peasant's Foot for Inspection
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After examination and restructuring of the tractor tractor traffic ticket late fee to the owners , came from a tüvtürk advantage .

Bursa news: Tractor Wheels TÜVTÜRK Inspection Station , between November 12 to 20 will visit villages Photo Orhangazi last month performing mandatory inspections of tractor vehicles in Inegöl TÜVTÜRK village , this time in Orhangazi village. Orhangazi TÜVTÜRK study performed jointly by the Chamber of Agriculture ; Since Wednesday, November 12 will provide services to the mobile station with tractor in Orhangazi village. Orhangazi total of 21 villages will benefit from this service. According to the current laws in our country has exceeded the age of three tractors , needs to be an examination every two years. Otherwise, tractor owners, to be banned from the traffic of the vehicles can encounter many sanctions . According to official data , no valid inspection of 80 percent of tractors in our country.
< Strong> Tractor USER TWO OPPORTUNITIES According to the Photo Security General Directorate, the vehicle type that come to periodic inspections in Turkey from the inspection station , for reasons such as climatic conditions tractors come forward. Applications where tüvtürk start , creating a significant opportunity for owners who can not get the tractor examination on these grounds . Also, after publication in the Official dated September 11, 2014 Newspaper enacted and the public in the Bag Law called the 6552 Law No. arrangement is especially long , another important opportunity for owners of tractors were taking the examination. Photo EDIT LAST DAY OF DECEMBER 31 according to Photo Editing , inspection, traffic , highway, delay amount of the delay with all tractors with toll fines will be calculated in the discount rate debt . For example, vehicle inspection era of late fees and about one-seventh of the amount of debt by the time ( 1/7 ) will be paid at a rate of discount. 1 year overdue for a tractor, instead of 51 per late payment penalty of approximately 9 £ , for 2 years overdue for a tractor, 102 £ instead of £ 15 , to delay 4 years , 203 £ 25 instead of £ pay . The delay penalty of 10 years to pay for a tractor that does the inspection, instead of £ 510 , will be reduced to approximately 62 TL. Arrangement , since the entry into force will be valid until December 31 , 2014. TÜVTÜRK officials in the Road Traffic Ordinance No. 28049 registration for non-registered tractors according to the amendment published in the Official Gazette ; \"Will be given 1 month inspection period upon registration of the tractor, is not registered to apply criminal sanctions for vehicles to be involved in the accident,\"he emphasized. Photo CAN NOT SECOND HAND SALES in an opportunity for a Photo Tractor owners these facilities are also important to the trading of second hand tractor. According to the new regulations because, implemented from the Security General Directorate on February 20, 2014 , can not it be possible to make the resale of a valid vehicle without inspection tractor. Photo 12 NOVEMBER YENIKOY DE BEGINS Photo Yenikoy Wednesday November 12 ; Yeniköy , Üreğil , with mandatory vehicle inspection services to include mandatory vehicle inspection Ortaköy will give the start of the tractor in the village Orhangazi tüvtürk program will continue as follows:November 13 Thursday Miracle Village on November 14, Friday Çakırlı , November 15, Saturday's Çeltikçi application to be made in Çeltikçi village , Gedelek , Örnekköy , Nut villages , November 17, Monday will be in the Rumble village of application of the new Rumble, Gee was , Korsak villages, November 18, Tuesday to Sölöz the application will be held in Sölöz village , New Sölöz villages , 19 November Wednesday's practice will be held in Gölyaka village Gölyaka , Akhare I , Dutluca villages , 20 November Thursday will be held at Paşapın village administration Paşapın is , Narlıca , to take advantage of Syllables village .

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