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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:57

Trade from Bozgiad Invite

Trade from Bozgiad Invite
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Bilecik Association of Young Businessmen in Bozüyük ( BOZGİAD ) Chairman Celal Yilmaz , Innovation Fair will join that will be held in Istanbul, wishing to participate in the fair asked for innovative products with individuals and corporations to achieve them .

Bilecik news: Photo President Celal Yilmaz , said in a statement date and the business man in Bozüyük in industry, of the 14 founders established by members of the association's purpose consists of administrators and educators , entrepreneurs providing consultancy and project services by supporting , to support young entrepreneurs, thus contributing to the country's development There , he said . Previously held in Istanbul'Stand I become mucin'at a booth in the exhibition entrepreneurs and Yilmaz say they are doing to promote the region , \"second action in which again will be held between 13-16 November in Istanbul Innovation Fair has rented the place stands. The proprietor of the utility model and invention she got the people and institutions we want to take to the fair. contact unable innovative products with the people and organizations I would like to underline that we gave our booth if they reach us. Our work in the Association as entrepreneurship and innovation will continue uninterrupted. 17 to 23 November 2014 between the fu Sheikh Edebali University Global Entrepreneurship Week activities with our stakeholders Bilecik Provincial Directorate of National Education , Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Directorate , Trabzon Trade and Industry Chamber ( Young Entrepreneurs Council ), together with presentations and will include innovative products with the panel to join our local people and institutions \"local Inventors Exhibition\"will be opened . Private sector and public institutions or persons may apply to take part in our exhibition could not reach , \"he said .

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