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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:11

Trades , such Catches Thief

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In Samsun, a thief , wanted to rob the same place twice , the neighbors awake by artisans noticed and captured by closing the shutters on the workplace , was delivered to the police .

Samsun news: Burglar caught moment by moment by moment view of the security cameras were .
Event , İlkadım district of Samsun on May 19 occurred in the neighborhood . According to information obtained , many with a criminal record for theft HT 39-year-old , Ismail K. on September 29, 2014 (48) cobbler's shop in and stole coins from the drawer 150 pounds . This is followed by theft from a security camera photo of the person's workplace has been detected . Neighboring shopkeepers obtained from a security camera photo of the possibility to come again from the same person , while careful , HT, Ismail K. is not at work in a place of business around the same input not protect . Meanwhile, after waking the neighbors went to HT running trades and businesses, the shutters on the outside of the door lock off and gave the police . The police , detained HT . HT caught by the artisans at work on closing the shutters do not expect the police helpless moment by moment by moment view of the security cameras were . K. Ismail business owner , said he was suffering from HT . Indicating that the same person a second time instead of business Ismail K., \"neighbor tradesmen get it right. Thief caught this time on the shutters off the police ,\"he said .
Investigation into the incident continues.

Trades , such Catches Thief" comments for.


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