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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:29

Tradesmen and Citizen Fish laughing face fall in prices

Tradesmen and Citizen Fish laughing face fall in prices
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Last two weeks with prices falling abundance of fish in the sea , the smiles on the faces of the citizens and fishing trades .

Sakarya news: Last week kilo $ 10 sold anchovies, today 5 is offered TL for sale . Photo Adapazari Storey Marketplace fishing shopkeepers , indicating that the abundance of this year, the fish , the price of it is very cheap compared to this time , said the fish demand is increasing . Storey Marketplace engaged in fishing Cevdet Karaaslan, this year is the abundance of fish and fish prices in the last two weeks of work with said track sits fall . Karaaslan , \"the claims against the citizens of the fish is fine , prices fell . Anchovies 12 lira fell by up to 5 pounds. Shin domestic bonito, Kefken bonito , Norwegian acorn to the price we give 2 TL. The prices are fine so . Fish prices fell, the last two weeks of work rail sat down. There are also plenty of this year fish. we wish a bit more to drop the price, but I do not think it would be less than 5 TL. fish prices have increased the demand of thinking citizens , was the difference in male compared to two weeks ago , \"he said . Photo Erol flag is fishing the price of saying that it is very cheap compared to this time , \"get scad , whether acorns in all day-all morning fish. all fish in season because it is during these times stale fish there is very difficult. I can say that it is very cheap compared to at this time when it comes to price. So today, other fish meat is very cheap compared to meat products , very affordable, especially because of its freshness. at the request of citizens after the fall of the fish price is quite nice. at least we are thankful to the fact that our people know , especially fresh fish. I hope to show our citizens demand more fish . Due As to the reason for the benefits , in terms of health , \"he said .
Fish fishermen noted that due to the variability of the weather conditions in prices , saying that it is normal rates of rise and fall , the price of laughing faces of citizens coming to the marketplace to get fish is to be low.

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