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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 01:05

Traffic Accident in Mersin; Left 4 Dead 2 Injured

Traffic Accident in Mersin; Left 4 Dead 2 Injured
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Mersin bend by not getting out of control car , struck by a truck parked in a traffic accident that occurred , four people were killed and two people were seriously injured.

Mersin news: According to
information obtained, Berat Sharp (18 ) led the 33 CAN 20 plate car, in the central Taurus Avenue district Akbelen , while cruising the city direction , Taurus Market bend alamayarak near the roadside park which is in the 33 BSL 15 plate truck was hit from behind . In the accident, the driver inside the car returning to scrap Berat Sharp Serdar Şiar shortening (18) and Aykut Akbas (18) at the scene , Ümit Özen ( 16 ) is learned to have died at the Mersin State Hospital removed the wounded. The accident seriously injured in Cindy Yücel (16) with Ziyaad you fishing (18 ) were being separately treated in Mersin State Hospital and Taurus State Hospital. Said parked the car to visit a relative who
patient truck driver getting into custody , the accident reportedly continued the investigation.

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