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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:35

Traffic is increasing the speed limit! New

Traffic is increasing the speed limit! New
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General Directorate of Security, allowing the removal of settlements within the speed limit of 90 kilometers an arrangement was prepared.

INTERNET speed limit of 70 kilometers, 90 kilometers, to be issued.

Highways Traffic Regulations settlements speed sets the limit to 50 kilometers. Regulation, Transport Co-ordination Centres (UKOME) and the provincial traffic in settlements commissions speed is given the authority to increase the limits of up to 20 kilometers.

many cities, the speed increased 70 kilometers 20 kilometers from the border despite eject Traffic can not switch into jam. MOBESE with cameras or radar speed saw teams of accountants, drivers reduce speed, accelerating again after checking.

settlements to grow in some areas because of the 70 kilometers of access roads inside the city speed drivers are forcing the implementation of the border.

90 percent THERE CRIMINAL Asana

Traffic Police Headquarters Department, traffic in order to reduce congestion on the roads in the city with the appropriate standards speed that allows you to increase the limit laid editing. traffic to the opening of schools to increase the intensity of regulation is aimed at cultivating this period. Traffic Department, offered to organize the opinion of the relevant ministries to implement plans to launch at the end of September at the latest.

speed of the regulations coming into force of Regulation to be changed and the boundaries of the province of UKOME traffic commission deems appropriate roads speed limit, police speed accompanies the option of 10 percent of the 90 kilometers of fine writing issued by recognized.

Traffic is increasing the speed limit! New" comments for.


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