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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 18:10

Traffic Week has been celebrated in Korkuteli

Traffic Week has been celebrated in Korkuteli
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Road and Traffic Week with various activities in the district of Antalya Korkuteli celebrated.

Antalya news:
Road and Traffic Week Teacher by District Police Department under the Korkuteli house event was held at the conference hall . Activities Governor Erkan Knight, Garrison Deputy Commander of the Gendarmerie First Lieutenant Mutluay Oskay Deputy Mayor Hasan Onal, Police Director Irfan Do not Cry , National Training Manager Ahmet curlew , drivers and students attended .
Ceremony Korkuteli district police chief Irfan Do not Cry , \"In recent years increasing industrialization and urbanization , population growth parallel to the drive and the number of vehicles on the increase , especially in our daily lives transportation and transport activities by triggering traffic to threaten the security has become . traffic, pedestrians , animals and vehicles on highways in the state and movements. our citizens on the roads in trust enable them to travel , traffic accidents by preventing the protection of the right to life of our citizens and the prevention of economic losses are among our most important goals as an institution , \"he said .
Ağlamaz continued ; \"across our country and our district in early 2008 from the Ministry of Interior under the leadership of'Traffic Safety in the New Approaches, Targets and Solutions Projects'has been implemented . Effective control and social awareness on the merits of this project since 2008 effectively implemented. projects under the Road Traffic Safety Strategy and Action plan with 2020 traffic accident deaths occurring 50 percent of the reduction was targeted. Countries occurring in fatal and injury traffic accidents per cent of the 34.1 speed violations is due , \"he said .
Korkuteli district in 2013, 111 traffic accident occurred , indicating that Police Director Irfan Do not Cry , \"in accidents 111 people were wounded . lives lost of our citizens, yet in 2014 the first four-month slice of the 30 pieces traffic accident occurred . 3 citizens lost their lives . 29 citizens were injured. \"
after the speech of the year driver selected Class B license holders engaged in the transport service Unal Big Student of the year was selected drive . Governor of the Year İriler driver was given a plaque by Erkan Karahan .
Traffic Week held thus Composition, Poetry and Painting contest held in the branches were given awards to the winning students .


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