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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:55

Trainer:Balci:\"Leisure in Book I Read Literature should be abandoned \"

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Educators Mahmut Balci, \"is to deny the value it deserves mention in my spare time I read books to the book ,\"he said .

İstanbul news: Photo Balci, by Çemberlitas Anatolian High School,'We know each other our ancient Human Values ​​How Much?'told values ​​on the interview . Interview with school administrators , teachers, students and İstmeb Values ​​followed by the members of the Commission on Education Studies. Photo Mahmut Balci, each student and what happens when the environment we live the people he said that should not worry , said:\"tell us what those surroundings we live in and there I can not say . Outside the world us we do not have nor to afford . Seriously you take a day certain events to us as we also touch can turn to social problems. Everyone should see responsible for his answer to the what can we do for a cleaner world questions. together, the ancient with the guarantee of living in peace in experiencing the human values ​​and the survival important tasks fall to everyone. All should be familiar with before they got some serious reading . now, students'I my free time book I read'must abandon to say . Because the material and should not be seen as a filler of one of the books free time of spiritual values. \"< br/> describing the need to leave my spare time I read books literature Balci, said:\"to not value it deserves mention in my spare time I read books at the book. Also in a great public transport you , I want to say something about giving place to the elderly and women . Some young people are upset when I saw that they were insensitive to these issues. An elderly , pregnant or young people trying to sleep like a woman with a baby in his hand instead of giving the place must give up this wrong. Do not expect thanks from someone you've included . Unrequited would have made ​​good sense. Today, the elderly , the sick, do not give place to a mother who is pregnant and the baby in the hands of tomorrow will not be giving you the place . Anyone can do it like this. I came to sitting down a portion of the road. I will continue standing after midnight . A little after a while you get someone else sits believe we will also increase our love and trust in each other. Kadim give value to human values ​​is ourselves that give value to humanity. \"Photo Istanbul Directorate of Education Values ​​Education Study Coordinator to be engaged educators Mahmut Balci, students found the following suggestions:Photo \"Dear students, in June of 2013 Blue't to showcase a business'Searching multilingual concierge'sees the ad does not see the photos I took immediately . Now most of my presentations I show this notice to anyone thinking about starting over after starting to smile a little bit ago. I was three years ago not knowing a foreign language for the biggest shortcoming of the things I hear a better experience from the moment I visit my plane ride to go to Jerusalem. Students in high school in an area where the historical sites of Istanbul, but not aware of the historical heritage of the region , a place frequented by tourists of a student's foreign language reading in Sultanahmet to be too weak , I think you should see it as a serious deficiency . \"Photo Students and teachers also held with the comments they made was very well received presentation . Çemberlitas High School Assistant Manager Serkan Blood , Mahmut Balci thanked for presentation.

Trainer:Balci:\"Leisure in Book I Read Literature should be abandoned \"" comments for.


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