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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:49

Training was given on days 2 Inonu Young Tema Member

Training was given on days 2 Inonu Young Tema Member
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Young TEMA members to Malatya İnönü was reportedly given two days of training .

Malatya news: Photo İnönü Young TEMA Group Chairman Hakan Yalcin , said in a statement, \"Target Audience , gaining awareness about environmental issues in 50 provinces , which tackle the problems methods and trained in local partnerships to 2 thousand 500 university students who'Saving the World Step Project first steps were taken at Inonu University . \"Saving the World Step \"project, helplessness we are transforming the power to change things. Saved the World Step project with young people promise to be the owner of the preservation and future issues of nature and are aimed at developing the capacity of environmental challenges in the region they live in. the project , Turkey's selected in 50 provinces , 100 university students holding subject to a comprehensive environmental education and leadership programs. these 100 young , knowledge and skills acquired in the program , transfers to a group of university students will 50 persons created in the university .
Youth program at the end of their lives they are provincial, local nature they address the issues from a different perspective . After that, they seek to put into projects that might be the solution to create this nature and life problems with local participation . The content of the training they have received, to identify both environmental problems and are projecting to address these challenges , as well as to guide them on how to use local channels to achieve the success of the project, \"he said .
\"Project 11-16 held in Antalya in March 2014. instructor Training in Inonu University is being implemented by the participating Hakan Yalcin , and virtue Yalcin representing the Young TEMA Group , \"said Inonu Young TEMA Group Chairman Hakan Yalcin, description, concluded as follows:Photo:\"I and the Vice President Erdem by Yalçın \"Step by Step Project'participants which 73 people were trained in 2 days on November 5 to 6 days . the two-day theoretical training after needs to be done in the open space the second part was held at the University campus. made ​​in
open space'Nature event of İnönü University Rector Prof.Dr .Cemil Steel's visit and the young theme with chat was added a different color . İnönü Young in the theme of the campus area'Young TEMA Forest Project'thrilled lyrics Young themes on and they were happy . \"

Training was given on days 2 Inonu Young Tema Member" comments for.


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