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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 14:22

Transformation Project of the Year Award CarrefourSA

Transformation Project of the Year Award CarrefourSA
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CarrefourSA this year, the world's leading provider of enterprise business software SAP Information Technology event organized by the SAP Forum in Istanbul \"SAP Transformation Project of the Year\"was awarded in the area .

İstanbul news: If a Photo carrefour , this year's \"Think Simple Difference \"is the theme of the 19th Oscars held in Istanbul SAP Forum SAP is defined as \"SAP Transformation Project of the Year\"award . Carrefour, seen as one of the priority investment areas of information technology for the transformation of infrastructure in the transition into force of the SAP project launched today announced the SAP Forum . If a Photo Carrefour General Manager Mehmet Nane , SAP Global Board Member and Global Customer Operations President Rob Enslin , SAP Global Board Member and CIO of Ingrid-Helen Arnold and SAP Turkey General Manager Zeynep at the awards ceremony that took place with sharp's participation Mehmet Nane carefoursa said scientific retailing full integration process regarding said:\"£ 30 million in technology investment SAP we had Popeye project , which allows the introduction of a Technology to life. the current IT structure, localized, we transform scientific retailing and a flexible infrastructure that supports the ability to make quick business decisions. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) project and our company processes and resources with IT transformation was achieved using efficient . Project with an intense teamwork, we were able to complete in a short time can be considered within the global SAP applications such as record 10 months. Thus, all of our processes and methods was collected on a single platform . All of our suppliers , our employees and our store of the same language as we started to talk . SAP Turkey and the need to believe in our project since the beginning , our success has been the biggest factor in our reach today . Awards we have received here today is the biggest indicator of solid foundation we have established to meet fully all the requirements of the scientific retailing. \"Photo SAP Turkey General Manager Zeynep Sharp, SAP Forum event at Mehmet Nane to \"SAP Transformation Project of the Year \"presented the award . Sharp, business made the following assessment of the union , \"as SAP , Turkey's economy and the CarrefourSA's IT transformation journey of the leading organizations of the retail sector taking place on our global expertise , we are proud to provide innovative technologies CarrefourSA the business processes that will carry into the future. Global project as an example of cooperation which we see our CarrefourSA arena, saving operational efficiency while supporting the latest solutions and applications , our country , we aim to contribute to the rise of the economy. SAP Transformation Project of the Year selected and successfully completed in a short time is quite large with a comprehensive study for this project , works are celebrating all teams. We thank you again for the confidence they showed their CarrefourSA SAP technology. \"Photo If last year enterprise application and signed an agreement with software in the SAP Turkey Carrefour , the current transformation of the IT infrastructure, SAP held by retail portfolio located in the application. The project also is known as the most comprehensive projects implemented during the year, SAP Turkey .

Transformation Project of the Year Award CarrefourSA" comments for.


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