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  • 21 Ekim 2014, Salı 09:59

Transgender Efe Bal, Berlusconi waited at the gate so they can eat

Transgender Efe Bal, Berlusconi waited at the gate so they can eat
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In Italy, the Turkish transsexual Efe Bal, near Milan under house arrest living former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's evince in front of the increasingly on \"I , too, Mr. Berlusconi , lunch or dinner I would eat \"a banner opened and Berlusconi wanted to meet .

Milano news:
a politician Silvio Berlusconi's old activist, author and television presenter Vladimir Luxuria, a transsexual eating a dinner inspired by stating that the former prime minister wanted to meet Efe Bal said . Berlusconi with their children at home eating while front of the house going up banners Efe Bal, waiting at the door with security forces in consultation request said.
Protection on the side waiting a while Honey , this time around last chatted with , but Silvio Berlusconi chance to talk with did not . Efe Bal statement, \"Berlusconi, Vladimir Luxuria and a dinner eaten. , I likewise with him to eat wanted , but the guards would let me have . Berlusconi's house arrest for being in the home will enter everyone's court approval should take and Rome obtaining the necessary permits had to say . , I'll do it , and eventually with Berlusconi shall speak, \"he said .
former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in recent months, tax evasion charges have been convicted and sentenced age requirement under house arrest, and social services had been transformed into . Berlusconi, who was under house arrest at his home in Arcore , pursuant to compulsory social services can help patients with Alzheimer's one day a week . Still with Forza Italia Party Chairman Silvio Berlusconi , due to political activities 2 days a week can go to Rome , but noted here that the resident needs to go home at 23.00 in the night .

Transgender Efe Bal, Berlusconi waited at the gate so they can eat" comments for.


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