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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:42

Translate Locksmiths have the fire-fighting team

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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Ahmet short , the call center from 9 thousand notices of 600 thousand of the door opening notice that and its firefighters to the big time loss suffered is therefore free door opening services in the near future be payed issue presented to parliament , he said.

Antalya news:
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Ahmet Short, Bütünşeh evaluated in terms of the Act firefighting services . 19 district located in Antalya Kas Gazipasa until evenly to serve stations revised stating that they Short, 19 counties Alone 110 fraud hotline whatever comes to notice a short intervention emphasized that .
Faster to serve on behalf of new tools and equipment are thinking of buying , indicating short , \"Fire the Gazipasa from the eyebrows up all forms of task interference would like . Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department connected to the district in the teams have strengthened . 19th district 35 active stations , our 600 staff and 172 vehicle fulfilling our mandate we are trying to . area from the perspective of Istanbul, 5 thousand square kilometers with a total area but the Antalya area at a scale of 21 thousand square kilometers have . Hence, the new tools and equipment we plan to take , \"he said .
according to current data Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department for the last 9 months, nine more than a thousand reported in stating that short , \"according to the data us of incoming calls 90 percent in 8 minutes interference would like , but this data for our part find enough hope ,\"he said .
Antalya fire crews uncontrolled car parks trouble because they live in the indicating a short drive from the support willingly said:
\"Antalya urban sprawl , as well as one of the major elements that complicate our mission uncontrolled car parks . Unconscious car parks available . That's why we can not reach the place is happening. We expect this issue of the drivers support . We do not just fire-fighting . Search and rescue , cliff decline in events, opening the door to events such as the interventions would like . \"
\" DOOR OPEN will be charged \"
recently Antalya Metropolitan Municipality council agenda prepared to present a topic of information on that the Fire Department President Ahmet Short, Antalya citizens very simple door opening events , even the fire brigade busy because it was close. door opening events also cared, and prepared to go , indicating that short , it's time elsewhere, a big fire when the timing in trouble , he said. contrast a way stating that they thought the pricing Short, \"which in Antalya Fire Department reported nine thousand six hundred thousand on how to open the door . Therefore, we believe pricing for door opening task . We are planning to submit to parliament recently , because the task of opening the door to intervene in the event of fire and the other can be a waste of time for us , \"he said.

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