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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:32

Transport Action in MS Students

Transport Action in MS Students
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Mus Alparslan University (MSU) students studying did a sit-in because of transportation problems .

Muş news: Students who meet with the Mayor to be angry protest over Feyat Asian students leaving, relatives intervened in the crowd.
Students studying at MSU , he continued action to solve the transportation problems for almost 2 years . Students who press statement at the Municipal Square , went over to sit . After about 3 hours of interviews with competent students who engaged in a sit-in until the next Mayor Feyat relatives from Asia , said the solution of the problem is that there might be legal and the legal way . Some students reacted to the Asian expression that is difficult to solve the problem . A student's'do not solve the problem resigned'confused mess on the promise. Meanwhile, relatives next to the President of Asia, came up to attack these students. Stating that vision 4 in his office with the representative on the termination of a Photo tension Asia , on continuing to shout slogans of the outstanding students in the field, he canceled the interview . Meanwhile, relatives of the president to the president wanted to meet with student representatives, Asia has intervened again.
About 4 hours, the students dispersed without incident after the action , the problem is solved so they said they would continue their action.

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