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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 13:15

Transportation Network Grows

Transportation Network Grows
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Army Metropolitan Municipality's transportation network, the Army continues to knit .

Ordu news: Photo metropolitan hot asphalt bound teams while carrying out work on the one hand , it continues to open new ways to the other side before the hot asphalt . Army makes the initial investment giant 752-kilometer Metropolitan Municipality , is conducting the feverish work with their teams . 19 districts in the whole of hot asphalt, gravel road , maintenance and repair activities ceaseless Metropolitan , only drew great attention to the 54-kilometer undertake work as a way to stabilize in the last one week. Photo citizens in continuing to open new avenues with support for land that the Army Metropolitan Municipality , last week 19 districts in the whole of 54 km gravel road , 19 km asphalt maintenance , 5 km road repair, 47 km ditch cleaning and 73 km were walked regulating work .
access to the most remote corners Photo President Enver Yilmaz , said the future of the Army prepared under the ongoing investment program to build a strong foundation. Yilmaz, \"in every corner of the army, especially we continue to serve as a spider's web in transportation and water. The neighborhood roads and set path as well as , we are working hard to provide access to even the most remote corners . Short , especially 752 kilometers in the process of our asphalt tender hot with asphalt roads will emerge after a while , countrymen , our will attain healthy and long-lasting way . Turkey's largest road proud to have launched one of the tender. with Army Metropolitan Municipality employees, it provides services for the welfare of people living in cities. they give our citizens Our support services will continue to increase , \"he said .

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