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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 18:16

Treacherous attack in Hakkari Protest in Nazilli

Treacherous attack in Hakkari Protest in Nazilli
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Nazilli Nationalist Hearths members, district of Hakkari Yüksekova for 3 soldiers martyred'Martyrs do not die, indivisible homeland'made ​​chanting slogans to protest the attack .

Aydın news: Nazilli Nationalist Hearths members, Hakkari, who was martyred in Yüksekova district 3 for soldiers'Martyrs do not die , motherland is indivisible'slogans to protest the attack on throwing . Photo Nazilli Nationalist Hearths gathered in front of 100 people groups , Hakkari, were killed in Yüksekova district 3 I walked in the town center for soldiers. Turkish flag waving'Martyrs do not die, indivisible homeland , for everything Vatan, Ne Mutlu , who objects to'throwing slogans to protest the events . The curse terrorism Nationalist Hearths members, took several slogans against the separatist terrorist organization . The curse terrorism Nationalist Hearths members, after the press release trades'address to the youth'distributed . Photo Dispelling ADDRESS TO YOUTH
the events of recent days, expressing regrets that Nazilli Nationalist Hearths President Şükrü Windlass ; \"Hakkari traitor by soldiers who were killed in the attack below the belt 3 Almighty God have mercy on us , and offer our condolences to the great Turkish nation to close ,\"he said . Praying for the martyrs ideal quarry members then shouting slogans with Turkish flags in their hands played at City Stadium Nazilli Nazilli went to FC-Tepecik B.S. encounter. Photo

Treacherous attack in Hakkari Protest in Nazilli" comments for.


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