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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:01

Treasurer of nature taxpayers Call

Treasurer of nature taxpayers Call
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Ardahan Treasurer Mehmet Dogan , public law, the so-called bag into force of Law No. 6552 , stating that the debtor may apply for taxpayers wanted to take advantage of the opportunity .

Ardahan news:
press conference in the office of Treasurer Mehmet Dogan , Law No. 6552 concerning institutions for the implementation of Article 73 rd General Communiqué dated 27 September 2014 and published in Official Gazette No. 29,132 , he said. This is not to be missed facilities provided by law to taxpayers explaining nature , imposed on the taxpayer owes the most important of them and allowing debt restructuring arrangements , he said . Taxpayers'reorganization apply if the April 30, 2014 since the prior period liabilities 36 months 18 installments can be paid save Dogan , \"Configuration to submit an application and payment of the regular payment in case of any foreclosure process is not executed. Thus, the business and operations tax liability without the problems will be applied . Law configured under there will be no problems in debt because of the tender , the payment will not be asked for collateral . \"he said.
Revenue's'Tax Office Automation System through'demand inputs begun to emerge , and from the debtors to restructure claims stating that Mehmet Dogan , said:\"Debts due from April 30, 2014, and before finalized and the law of the publication date as yet unpaid public receivables include enters . \"he said.

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