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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:49

Tredaş 2015 to Make 10 Million Investment in Cerkezkoy

Tredaş 2015 to Make 10 Million Investment in Cerkezkoy
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Alpay Karaer Tredaş Cerkezkoy Business Manager , said they will invest $ 10 million in 2015 Cerkezkoy .

Tekirdağ news: Photo Tredaş Cerkezkoy Business Manager Alpay Karaer , Tredaş Cerkezkoy Business Management along with Project Facility Chief Engineer Taylan Cerkezkoy Mayor along with an arranged Vahap Akay found information are provided for lighting and power outages. In the meeting held at
Municipal Assembly Hall'Lighting'makes a detailed information about the provisions of the regulations published in Tredaş Cerkezkoy Business Manager Alpay Karaer , due to the increase in population Cerkezkoy and that inadequate energy used in the cover and the opposite however, rapidly made ​​new investments but made ​​migration from the investment by stating that fails , the problem they are preparing a new project to the solution, and this project was that they presented to the relevant ministries.
Karaer rapid migration Cerkezkoy Edirne in 2014 that doubled the investment in the province invested , said:\"Turkey is growing , especially with Cerkezkoy migration is much higher than the national average. This steady increase in the number of subscribers also occur with growth in the face and can not respond accordingly increase the force used . Making new investments needed commissioning . We are making continuous efforts and we continue our investments in this regard. Çerkezköy of Edirne investment received in 2014 is twice , \"he said . Photo Organized Industrial Zone line from fed Kapakli Elm neighborhood of the Kızılpın separate ones and soon the OSB and Velikoy also Karaer voicing separates shortage will be solved , they do work day and night to solve electricity problems of the region as Tredaş and said they come at a considerable distance on this issue. Karaer , with investment of 2015 Kızılpın especially Cerkezkoy district and that they believe will help relieve the Velikoy Neighborhoods , an intensive study on this subject told that they were in . Photo \"ÇERKEZKÖY'< strong> EUR 10 mILLION iNVESTMENT tO BE HELD iN THE YEAR 2015 \"indicating Photo Tredaş would make an investment of $ 10 million in 2015 Cerkezkoy Karaer , \"The rapidly growing number of subscribers in Çerkezköy migration . The amount of power to be used in conjunction with the increased number of subscribers . Therefore, we want 10 million investment made ​​in 2015 to Cerkezkoy . Current investments made ​​incredible Cerkezkoy . In 2014 alone, 18 thousand meters of cable have taken to Cerkezkoy . This is a great investment . Constantly refreshing lines . Where most investment is made ​​in Cerkezkoy Tredaş Management Directorate in Thrace . We plan to invest considering the population growth in the coming years. Our investment that we provide for the investment of 2015 yet unclear but it will become clear soon , \"said the statement. The Photo Cerkezkoy Mayor Vahap Akay, stating that the Kızılpınar, Çerkezköy and Velikoy neighborhood of the great tribulation , \"These two neighborhoods in our frequent power outages our citizens are enjoying the experience of suffering. We want to solve the shortage of our priorities in this neighborhood municipalities. Because of our citizens who are living in this neighborhood very aggrieved. This neighborhood will ease our work should be given priority to a moment ago . Investments are made primarily the shortage will grow more in the coming years and it will be difficult solution. I believe therefore needs to be done to be today , \"he said .
President Hemant Akay, lack of electric lamps in Cerkezkoy around the county input and output stating that the dark due to \"the dark you enter from night to Cerkezkoy . No light at all in the input and output. You feel like you can not see the light come into the city at night . The entrance and exit of the city should be brilliant. Enter city should feel that someone from the outside . Is an industrial city in the darkness of the input and output does not suit Cerkezkoy . We have something that we can do about it without waiting for the studies in this issue of the distribution company we say we do . We want the short time I çözümleyel our problem , \"he said .

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