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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 17:23

Tredaş , Warns Against Power Failure

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Thrace Electricity Distribution Co.

Tekirdağ news: ( Tredaş ) , Cerkezkoy Operations Management area of ​​responsibility in his work due to the power outage against the citizens warned.
Tredaş Cerkezkoy by the Department a written statement'Cerkezkoy area of ​​responsibility , the Low Voltage (LV ) due to maintenance work , 09/10/2014 Wednesday 09:00-14:00 hours for 5 hours ; \"Sila district of Tekirdağ Palace Farm Houses in the whole neighborhood \"will be power outages . Again, Tredaş Cerkezkoy responsibilities in the field of Operations Management , Kızılpınar conducting farm business due to shooting , 09.10.2014 Wednesday 08:30-18:00 hours 9 hours 30 minutes ; \"Kızılpınar four houses located in Tekirdag , Kızılpınar a portion of Yunus Emre neighborhood , Kızılpınar Water Well , Happy Aydın \"power cuts will be made. Also , Tredaş subscribers electrical devices deactivation , of the studies , scheduled power outage for the specified time before the end of the case , interruption affected places work immediately after the end declared outage finish before time energy can be given , the generator of subscribers using interrupted during the terms of security network separator trenches, for further information about power outages ALO 186 CALL CENTER WHAT reminder about resorting found.

Tredaş , Warns Against Power Failure" comments for.


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