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  • 23 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 16:37

Tree bark gold output

Tree bark gold output
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Attracting the necessary depth of several meters of soil minerals, trees, could be understood not exceed the es

eucalyptus trees in the last 10 years, 45 percent of the declining metal reserves are used in the determination of precious metals in the world. Meters depth of soil minerals that are necessary for them to attract the trees, could be understood not exceed the es.

Australian scientists engaged in research on eucalyptus trees, the soil around the tree sometimes detect a trace of gold discovered an unknown direction. Scientists led by trees or strong winds underline the depths of the soil for the gold particles hurled trees were not sure about.

a new study, in tissue that live in the trees of gold revealed.

Australian researchers in the area south and west, two different lengths of eucalyptus trees, reaching 10-60 meters, stems, leaves, and branches examined. Although the area is known that both gold reserves, gold mining activities carried out, in order to avoid damage to trees particles.

According to Discovery News, the X-ray analysis, the researchers performed the trees that live in the texture of gold particles thick mikto 8 was detected. This thickness is equivalent to 1 human hair 10 . The analyzes showed low amounts of gold are not harmful to the tree, and the leaves were taken up by the roots revealed reached.


according to research published yesterday in the journal Nature Communications, the roots of the trees, especially in arid regions where extending the gold reserves could reach up to 35 feet said.

Melyvn Lintern research chemist at the geography, LiveScience website said:"Eucalyptus trees, a building of 10 floors of the ground at a distance equal to the gold was intrigued to learn the ability to drive,"he said.

Australia and New Zealand-specific trees 'can not be considered for mining' emphasizes Lintern,"an extremely low amount under the trees. Sticky Thread required to make a ring, gold would need to get the tree more than 500" he said.

On the other hand, the eucalyptus trees embedded derinklerde engineers can help in the determination of gold reserves. Lintern, it could be argued that the time and cost savings.

Tree bark gold output" comments for.


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