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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 17:19

TRNC Golden Island International Film Festival Held for the First Time

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TRNC Golden Island International Film Festival, held for the first time , Turkish Cypriot director Derviş Zaim's \"Fish \"movie began with .

Girne news: Festival premiere of Derviş Zaim prize was awarded an honorary award at night , Oscar-winning Director, Producer and Writer Peter Pudakows that was presented . Photo Girne American University (GAU) after receiving the award at the festival organized gala speaking Cypriot director Dervis Zaim, in cinema stating that take longer to be celebrated in a way that contributes to the realization of the Golden Island International Film Festival . Dervis veteran of Zaim , as well as the Turkish cinema was awarded the Erdal Özyağcılar and Demeter Akbağ honors . The President
Assembly of the Republic Sibel Siber his speech , the country's first film festival in Golden Island is delighted to witness the International Film Festival said, festival , culture, country , said he wants to continue for years by contributing to the arts and promotion. The festival , stating that the world outside of the movie theater to meet with the audience as much as 20 from Cyprus cyber cinema , theater for young people who want to improve in the festival area itself would be an example , he noted . Cypriot director Dervis Zaim, who noted that an important example for young people in this country who are interested in cinema Sibir, the festival expressed that he believes will make a significant contribution to Northern Cyprus . Sibir, the presentation through a country's international field of culture and art , he stressed that the smiley face and soft power in the country. Photo Golden Island International Film Festival Director Jade Güzelpın is , in his speech at the festival , the festival's human rights , women, children and the environment on specifying the British and Cypriot films will be shown , Cyprus stated that they intended to bring together international art and artists. Güzelpın , the film industry and this sector will make an effort to educate youth festival highlighting voicing category 2 areas in Cyprus Güzelpın contest is opened , said the results of this competition will be announced at the closing night . Creditwest Bank is the main sponsor of the Festival General Manager Süleyman Erol 20th year anniversary of the bank's environment, culture and arts projects aiming to implement , he said . One of these projects Creditwest Bank Memorial Forest, the art and artists of other countries of the world to gather , indicating that the artist Erol , said they were sponsoring in this context Gold Island International Film Festival. Turkey and now movies in the world not only seen as a cultural and artistic activity, indicating that it has become a giant industry makes an important contribution to the national economy Erol , \"will pollute our wish my surroundings and beautiful our country will make an important contribution is a platform and the center of the place for the film industry ,\"he said . < br/> the festival for 7 days over 50 feature films , short films and documentary films, films will be screened in 5 different halls .

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