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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:49

TRT to broadcast Response

TRT to broadcast Response
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1. PTT living in a struggling Kayserispor'un home League match , giving the displacement of the TRT web tv saying that because of the fans coming to the stadium in Kayseri representatives of press organizations reacted by attaching a black ribbon to match .

Kayseri news: Photo TRT , said Kayserispor'un come to the stadium of fans for a live broadcast of the match at home TV1 Chief nature Havu , \"the PTT 1 League of quality , one of the team and the championship , which is the largest candidate Kayserispor'un supporters in large numbers in cities there . the fans accepted as the most important driving force and the 12th man to win the match, a team should be with the team. But live as granting by Kayserispor'un TRT of games at their home , the supporters of the state instead of the match to watch at home, and one of Turkey's most modern stadium one of the causes remain blank Kadir Has stadium . Kayserispor'un away matches are running from the TRT web tv . We are the sports program for a response to the TRT and changing this practice started off with black ribbons , \"he said . Photo kaytv and the Erciyes TV Sports Director Mustafa Gurbuz, \"as if the team behind the support of the fans in a match that feeling is like missing the game running out . TRT's are not home games at Kayserispor live , loneliness pushes team in their home. Because they prefer to match the fans come to the stadium rather than watching at home . In fact TRT Kayserispor away games alive, we believe that it is appropriate to give the home games of the TRT web tv . Therefore, we set off in our sports program by inserting black ribbon \"found expression in .


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