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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 13:47

"Trying to be brought to Parliament 18 years Kandil'dekiler arrangement"

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MHP Deputy Chairman Mevlut King, criticized the arrangement of the age of 18.

MHP Deputy Chairman Mevlut King, criticized the organization of 18 years. King, knowingly or unknowingly removed the requirement of military service is intended Kandil'dekilerin suggested that the introduction of the parliament. Indicating that they were not happy with the current situation in the King, not the philosophy of the republic tried to be, it is noted that most parties uncomfortable.

MHP, CHP came to holy mission. Representatives of political parties, CHP Deputy Chairman Umut Oran, Emre Dogan and Youth Wing President of the Party Assembly (PM) is a member from the Seyhan River Erdoğdu.

CHP Deputy Chairman Umut Oran, stating that continuing the war increased risk of terrorism, he said. Evaluating the rate of economic problems, they dropped the huge task, he said.

Qandil want to remind the Turkish flag planted Mevlut King MHP, CHP also wanted to support them in defining terrorism. King of the incident said they saw progress in fighting brought the point of negotiation is not.

is the biggest problem of terrorism and the economy expressed the King, brought down legislation that drew attention to a serious change in basis. Anko an appropriate control saksona brought about the King, the presidential system is a trend, he said.


do things in Turkey are awaiting to be called."said King, commissions are displaying their position and will continue until the end of the show, he said. King criticized the law of big cities,"the fulfillment of the promises made in Oslo and İmralı, the fulfillment of the sly."he said.

King on the question of the MHP would not join the Republican join the march,"Surely, MHP will come in the end to get there by taking the Turkish flag., but a corporate planning, not a decision."he said.

King,"the MHP understand the philosophy of the Republican establishment, symbolized by the red lines in a way that matters posture is very steep climb at the establishment of the Republic in the philosophy of thinking."he said. King, the more they prefer to participate in such organizations said they have organized themselves.

MHP Antalya deputy Mehmet Günal elections, to be taken forward in a concrete situation, whether it is left to the end holidays, other things can be said. PM a member of the October 29 Republican march Erdoğdu reminded me of the Seyhan River. Noted celebrate with great enthusiasm.

MHP delegation bayramlaşmaya then came the Great Union Party.

"Trying to be brought to Parliament 18 years Kandil'dekiler arrangement"" comments for.


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