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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:03

Trying to clean a Standing

Trying to clean a Standing
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Planted Municipal Sanitation Department crews began cleaning attacks throughout the district .

İzmir news: Streets and alleys with meticulously carried out the study , while immaculate, rubble and waste causing environmental pollution in the county is also being collected and disposed of. In order to create a Photo more livable Standing , Standing Municipality teams district is performing a flurry of activity in general . Sewn in the North Aegean shining star , Municipal Sanitation crews conducted and collected garbage from routine work , which started in the early morning , streets are swept , roads bathed , which constitutes a danger trees pruned it , cleaned the weeds. Cleaning for Performing periodic as spraying and disinfection of the waste container after this routine garbage collection and cleaning process carried out in the district exhibited a delicate operation.
< Strong> POLLUTION NO PASSAGE negatively affecting social life in Photo Kent and work continues uninterrupted to the Standing Council team to eliminate the threats or environmental health , across town in rubble and other waste causing environmental and visual pollution of unremitting efforts sürdürüyor.y NEW bütünşeh law with the responsibility of expanding and this area in their remaining road side these past years and vacant lands indiscriminately discarded household waste , rubble , excavation, construction and demolition waste and scrap of dead wood and various performing teams working feverishly collected and is being disposed of. Municipal authorities disclosures in starting from Sewn , which will last until the region Çandarlı of rubble and waste clean-up work was expressed to continue in a routine manner .
'< Strong> Our citizens should have a responsibility welcomed the Photo Citizens providing information about the work to meet Standing Mayor Mustafa Tosun, expressed the need to show a sensitivity to the social and environmental cleanliness, has called for cooperation to citizens on environmental cleanliness. President Tosun,'Our Town changed every day , is developing a growing city. Immediately after taking office before the summer we do our work in a short period with our district has been one of the most preferred tourist district of Izmir in the 2014 summer season. We support the continuation of this success. The increased interest in our district we believe that the creation of a clean environment awareness. This determination would be operating across the county we started cleaning the frenetic pace we continue unabated . So far tons of rubble and waste disposal. We have started the cleaning campaign , we need to support our citizens to reach the target . Only because we are about cleaning , we can not be successful with the operation of municipal departments . The disappearance of the factors threatening the health of our citizens and better place to live , greener , more beautiful , more modern and cleaner for us to reach the goals we want them sewn in to take responsibility in this regard. Because our citizens to their homes , authorities, building on , the street as it lay claim to the job site , to street , neighborhood to green the sea to the forest to , they enjoy with nature and if you obey the rules clearer Sewn short time we have achieved , \"he said
the other hand, studies for the services performed in people living in areas where performed Standing thanking Mayor Mustafa Tosun , he said of the work place .


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