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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:09

Tse is growing , has launched the first

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International Standardization Organization meeting held on September 10 in Brazil, the highest governing body selected TSE ISO Council , continues to breakthrough .

International Standardization Organization meeting held on September 10 in Brazil, the highest governing body selected TSE ISO Council , continues to breakthrough . The institute is going to open in Gebze new laboratories .
TSA 's opening of new laboratories on campus in Gebze Industrial Science and Technology Minister Intellectual Light will perform . Will enter service Chemical, Food , Non-Destructive Testing and Electro Technical Laboratories, TSE's power will add .
Chemistry Laboratory within the three separate departments , polymer-pipe Performance Laboratory, Painting and plastering Laboratories and Thermal Insulation Laboratory's .
polymer and pipe Performance Laboratory, country-wide Special Provincial Administration and pipe manufacturers PVC, PP , PE potable water , waste water and hot-cold-resistant pipe all examinations and tests to meet the needs .
Laboratory , pipe performance holds an important place and big demand Hydrostatic Pressure Devices capacity of 200 per cent increase at the same time at different temperatures , at different pressures and different diameter pipes 60 can do a pressure test . Pipe, carbon black dispersion-amount , oxidation induction time , Melt Flow Index, Vicat softening temperature , as well as other experiments also much faster now that can be made .
insulation Laboratory, polystyrene foam , mineral wool, glass wool , polyurethane foam , Perlite-based foam as insulation materials testing to do .
Painting and plastering Laboratory is pioneering will take . Green Building indispensable feature demonstrating the carbon dioxide permeability detected only TSE Gebze Chemistry Laboratory can become .
EVERYTHING for food safety
Ministers of Light will open the second eats food Laboratory. Here , food analysis , instrumental analysis , microbiology and serology with biogenetic-'s Histology sections . Food Analysis in the Department of Meat and Meat Products, Milk and Milk Products , Sugar Foods , Dried Fruits, Cereals and Cereal Products, Spices, Animal and Vegetable Oils, Fruit and vegetable products and food contact materials and articles to food conformance testing is done.
LC-MS MS instrument with a pesticide, veterinary drug residues , hormones , additives and melamine analysis and ICP-MS with heavy metals and impurities analysis mentioned in the laboratory working areas are among .
IRMS device and purity determination in honey , apple juice added in the determination of corn sugar , corn syrup, sugar, orange juice added to the determination of ; Ion Chromatography apparatus with drinking water anions , cations , cyanide, CRV and transition metals analysis, again this place of the main tasks will be .
Halal food findings related with the GMO, tağşişl meat products Determination of gelatin and the species identification and soy sought in the fields of DNA analysis TSE Gebze laboratories can be easily made .
also examined DEFENCE iNDUSTRY PRODUCTS the new service will be
, the state Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory , bridge, rail, nuclear and defense industries and trained in the areas of expert \"Level 3 \"with staff and examination and training in the fields of domestic and foreign new services to be provided .
TSA 's last will be opened if you are a Electro-Technical Laboratory will be .
in this laboratory, Electric Motor Test System Automotive EMC Test System for Sub-Assembly , energy efficiency and labeling , the high-powered Vibration Test System , Cable Fire Testing Laboratory Project, including studies to be conducted in a total of five separate departments .

Tse is growing , has launched the first" comments for.


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