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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 13:02

Tüpraş 9 Monthly Income 1 Billion 246 Million Pound

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Turkey Petroleum Refineries Inc. ( Tüpraş ) , net profits increasing by 15 percent in the year to 1.2 billion pounds pulled the 9-month period .

İstanbul news: In a written statement made ​​by Photo Tüpraş increasing geopolitical risks in the first half of the year , with partial recovery seen in the economy had seen the Brent crude oil price at 115 dollars a barrel level . In the third quarter the US in growth outside the zone speed deceleration and Ukraine-Iraq in September due to the reduction in induced geopolitical risks of Brent crude oil price of 95 USD/barrel level caused by high inventory losses in the sector with a decline was noted .
The statement was given in the following expression \"Considering the nine-month period , using high capacity of US refineries that are cheaper crude oil and energy input costs, new refineries opened in Asia and the Middle East , the supply of products in the Mediterranean market has led to the increase. the consumption of petroleum products by the slowdown in European growth with developing countries, negative depending on the effect , petrol and fell price ratio of the products except naphtha, last year's 9-month period of 2.13 US $/barrel the Mediterranean Refinery Margin 1.40 USD/barrel respectively.
in the third quarter , after July increased maintenance activities and product offerings such as the high level of demand for gasoline than the impact of rapidly falling crude oil prices stabilizing elements besides the Mediterranean refinery margins in 3.çeyreg 2013 1.05 US $/barrel level, 3.45 US $/barrel has increased . Although crude oil stocks due to falling oil prices impact this development Tüpraş's 3rd quarter net refining margin has increased from USD 5.53 to USD 4.13 per barrel level . So last year, 9 months barrel 2.59 USD with the effect of the rising exchange rate Tüpraş's net refining margin , of 2014 took place in the same period 2.71 Dollars .
Fuel Oil Conversion Project ( RUP ) for the İzmit Refinery'n the maintenance shutdown for infrastructure connection , RUP required maintenance in pre-studies and other refinery utilization stood at 72.6 percent of total capacity in the first nine months due to weak conjecture . In addition to the reduced capacity utilization , due to the demand for profitability falling imports from the sales of decline and falling asphalt Tüpraş's domestic sales (743 thousand tons of bitumen and 1,143 thousand tons including diesel ), 1.9 million tons decreased. The export depending on production optimization at 172 thousand total sales Tone because it takes less 16.1 million tons respectively. Despite the decline in Photo Sales volume and Mediterranean product prices , the average foreign sales revenues due to the rise of 16.0 per cent in the dry percent of 2013 0 took place on 7 . Photo Operational and Financial Data 2013/9 Month 2014/9 Difference Month Photo Total Charge Amount ( Thousand Tons) 16 571 15 293-1278 Photo Domestic Sales Volume ( Thousand Tons) 14,530 12,593 Photo-1937 Total Sales Volume ( Thousand Tons) 18 214 16 105-2109 Photo revenues (Million TL) 30 482 30 686 0.7 % EBIT Photo (Million TL) 362 402 11% < br/> Profit Before Tax ( Million TL ) 339 279-18%
net income ( Million ) 1,084 1,246 15% in the first 9 months 2014 Photo crude oil and product inventories despite the negative impact from the decline in the international price activity profit stood at 11% increased 402 Million. The interest rate and currency exchange rate experienced before tax of the impact of costs caused by rising income below 18 percent last year , 279 million level, due to Fuel Oil Conversion arising incentive project investment 977 Million Deferred Tax Benefit has also been Net Profit 1,246 Million.
98,2's percent at the end of September , including the completion of Fuel Oil Conversion Project, the 9-month period of 2014 by 1.9 Billion investment expenditures have been realized. By providing the added value of approximately $ 1 billion per year to our country, our country will reduce the deficit at the same level , 2.7 Billion Dollars in Fuel Oil Conversion Project for a total of 2.6 billion dollars has been spent by the end of September 2014 . Safety in its business processes with strong human resources , Tüpraş targeting efficiency in production , in order to make operational and financial success of sustainable to continue with the stability of the investment , shareholders, business will continue to create added value for our partners and countries . \"

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