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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 15:09

Turf Died of a heart attack in

Turf Died of a heart attack in
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In Sivas, a person , institution , organized by astroturf pitch in the first match of the tournament , died of a heart attack .

Sivas news: In Sivas, a person , institution , organized by astroturf tournament in the first match on the field of a heart attack died .
TÜDEMSAŞ 'ta Quality Control Branch employees is married and father of 3 children Suleyman Sahin ( 49) Sivas Business Union of Railways inter-agency astroturf football tournament was organized . 10 teams will be competing in the tournament's first meeting yesterday evening with your favorite carpet area Concrete Quality Control Branch Shemale played between the teams began. Suleyman Sahin 20th minutes of the match fell to the ground in the field . Sahin first responders in the field was made by the friends . Then the ambulance was called to the scene . Sivas State Hospital by ambulance Sahin, could not be saved despite all interventions . Investigations result , Sahin suffered a heart attack that killed was detected.
Hawk's funeral today at noon at the Ulu funeral prayer after the top lodges in the family cemetery were buried .
Suleyman Sahin's Sivas Demirspor'da previously played professional football , Yüceyurtspor his presidential duties , Zara Living Outside Pest Solidarity was learned that the president of the Association .

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