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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 10:00

Turk Barter Company Receives Gold Warranty

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Turkey's first and largest barter company Turk Barter , project companies , loans and other financial systems is guaranteed by offering them alternative solutions.

İstanbul news: Photo economic model began to develop as an alternative to many of the world developed barter system allows companies to guarantee with confidence . Needed goods or services in exchange for goods sold or services purchased known as the barter system implemented by Turkey since 1994. Barter in Turkey. Barter system , indicating that they offer as an alternative to bank Chairman Dr. Turk Barter Secret of the Lightning , \"We have started to offer as an alternative to the banks of the barter system . Our customers , business people , our adopted this system. Use your mind to use the money our motto . Anyone ago when he stuck running to the bank , using the scarce capital . We have dreamed to reach out to the barter system business we have . They after falling from falling into a bad situation or bad situation assistance we extend the hand , we projelendiriy , credits the we and all other finance topics from able to offer alternative solutions in a much more favorable conditions . in particular, the interest of foreigners into Islamic Economics, interest-free system research in this sense makes the more important barteri \"he said.
< strong> RECEIVABLES the BARTER sYSTEM bANKS pLACE Photo Barter system that can take the place of a financial system of the future bank stated that Dr. Secret of the Lightning, \"our country and does not end the crisis in the world. Now completely global economy rules in the world anywhere in the entire world when it was boredom that process is affected. We have seen only the failing firm cash crunch without the use of money in the crisis of 1994 . Barter system, especially the United States'n we have seen that the most common used and constructed as a financial sector that can take the place of the future bank. Since 1994 we are doing the barter business . Barter system to all sectors that contribute to the Turkish economy and we apply both all the companies I recommend to both , \"he said .
bARTER sYSTEM should eNACT Photo familiar alternative to the banking system and indicating interest-free functioning barter should be enacted to help make the system more advantageous Secret Lightning, relevant to the topic , he said continued their work. If supported by the system's law stating he could make more profit companies Simsek, \"There is no regulatory structure of a law relating to barter . As such, it has been applied in particular has received a bankruptcy postpone companies in barter applications very wrong . That is a barter company of how he explained the law on the establishment , requirements that sort he established a barter company from the front because it is not a system, and are just trying to edit barter transactions of companies that have received bankruptcy delay . in this case, getting the company back victims who take the money and re-deluded . passed by the parliament of the Special Barter law needs to step in. this barter activities together in an orderly manner supposed to work . since this system also is financing system and works like banking needs to be checked as surely banks. supposed to be as strong as banks are engaged in this business . this law must be removed in order to provide added value to the national economy. \"of most construction sector a Photo Barter system use that said Simsek, the creditable the construction industry , building materials, has expressed support in terms of sales . Lightning explained by saying the rules of Turk Barter:\"We are implementing their open economy rules . Needs to be adopted as a principle of honesty in commercial activities. We take the financial statements primarily in companies with Members. Becomes a loan us the company . So we move the line of credit . Can be supported , which can be enlarged, sales that could increase the companies are doing everything we can. we're working with them when they go into distress like other sectors. currently there is international cooperation in 11 countries . He mainly on tourism and the media are doing collaborations with other countries . \"

Turk Barter Company Receives Gold Warranty" comments for.


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