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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:27

Turk Barter Sign Up Easier

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According to a statement from the Turkish Barter Internatinal Inc. Then, become a member of the Turkish Barter will now be even easier.

İstanbul news: Turk Barter initiated by today announced the new campaign with barter consisting of members from each sector partners to market the introduction of a 50 percent discount to do. To take advantage Turk Barter , which is a member of more than
8000, is sufficient to join the system .
Only system the members of the company they can shop with each other in the common market , supply and demand information presented , Turk Barter is being announced to all members of the company. According to the statement made by Turk Barter institutions , members of companies, offers a common market opportunity , sales and profit increases , allows to guarantee 100% faster taxes, assesses the idle capacity , free and provides effective advertising , are no risks , it offers a solution to the economic crisis. Turk Barter System ; inventories , recession , collection risk and aims to put an end to unsafe conditions. studies on the benefit from the Barter System of Photo Industry , with a special project approach every company members reported that it offers a different service Turk Barter, allows members allow firms transaction volume and to increase their potential . Photo Turk Barter differentiates membership criteria diversifying to each sector may be easy members of different companies , has been operating with 10 branches in Turkey and Online where there are branches serving the membership. Photo able to become a member without paying membership fee for this application be that as online membership application is a member of Turk Barter is able to sell their products over the internet and become a member free of charge.

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