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  • 18 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:40

Turkan Soray:\"Set up at 8 or 10 Hours Worked \"

Turkan Soray:\
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Met with fans at a café located in Samsun Sultan Turkan Soray of Turkish cinema , film sets 18-20 hours of working time in the players , but said that it should be 8-10 hours .

Samsun news:
in a shopping mall in the town of Samsun İlkadım meets with fans in the café of the Turkish cinema Sultan Turkan Soray , answered journalists'questions . On the set of players, normally 8 or 10 hours of operation should tell you that Soray , \"Samsun rather than happy. Theater did not. Our audiences have a responsibility . Most beautiful films I'll build hope . Sets working in and tired of my friends , of course they are right. Filming is very difficult. So the audience one minute followed the scene for shooting spend hours and effort are given . 18-20 hours running. So it continued consumption because every week is hard to have to work . these sets and movies quality is also affecting . So normal up to 8 hours or must be 10 hours , 18-20 hours, work really hard , \"he said .
statements Turkan Soray then met with fans who wanted to meet with him to sign autographs .

Turkan Soray:\"Set up at 8 or 10 Hours Worked \"" comments for.


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