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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:24

Türkav Aydin branch \"Union Idea\"event at Met

Türkav Aydin branch \
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Turkey Public Employee Development and Solidarity Foundation ( TÜRKAV ) Aydin branch of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey on the occasion of 91 years of \"Unity in Ideas \"organized the event.

Aydın news: Photo event TÜRKAV Chairman Sinan Yüksel 23.Döne Deputy Minister Taner Aydin , İncirliova Mayor Gürşad castle , Ege University Faculty Member of the Institute of Turkish World Research Professor Nadim Majid, Türkav Aydin Branch Wise Poets , Turkish Hearths Chairman Aydin branch dr.eyüp Doyuran , Turkey Kamu-Sen Izmir Province Representative Ahmet Doğruyol , Turkish Education-Sen Izmir No.3 Branch President Melih Eyup Demir, Turkish Büro-Sen Aydın Branch Mehmet Kamil Tasker , Turkish Energy-Sen Aegean Region Vice President Sadat is Gölged , Türkav Izmir Branch President Birol Smith, Türkav Mugla Branch Chairman Cemil Özdemir , Aydın Chamber of Commerce Vice President Fatih Erkul , Aydin Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber Vice President Suleiman Alkin, Aydin Bar Association President Acting av.met Ozcan, Aydin mechanic Chamber Vice President of mature tuberculosis, faculty, studying in Adua Turkish World students from the Republics and was attended by many guests. Photo Homage and Turkey's Republic of meal started with the National Anthem founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in arms were taught the Quran for our dear martyrs. Türkav Aydin branch that offers activities carried out within 1 year was applauded by the guests filled the hall cinevision show . Photo Türkav expressed his satisfaction with the work of Aydin Türkav Branch Chairman Sinan Yüksel ; \"Türkav in Aydın come to represent in the best way as you honored us by the Turkish nation breathing in Aydın, you have all kinds of treachery against the upright, and the sound of the immediate response puts Efeler Realm . Live like you believe I know , you acknowledge and fight as you believe . one language , one state, one nation , one flag , the flag bearer of our ideals Thank you to Aydin Türkav and board members . \"he said. The Food Photo participated as speaker of the Turkish World Research Institute of Ege University Faculty Professor Dr. If Nadim Majid was first mentioned as the next missionary activities from the Turks settled in Anatolia . Majid, \"these people who gave their lives to the Anatolian mountains , in the 1800s American'Board'organization has been identified in correspondence with . Situated American managers in the organization structure , the missionaries who served in Anatolia'war'they say instructions were sent ,\"he said . < Br/> of salvation and republican struggle in Anatolia Nadim given that in such an environment Majid said Gazi Mustafa Kemal than all but a network you're talking about and around which was wrapped in Anatolia under the guise of religion often warned about it . Speaker Prof. Nadim about the state of Majid present Anatolia is \"I have faith that one was sent , religion who have evacuated a well converted . Everyone is talking about religion in Turkey, but theft is rampant have taken corruption. Here is a religion in this case , evacuated , religion is refuted . the issue of religion whether sold religions'religious markets'have been turned into . However, our real source is only the Qur'an and the Prophet . it is Muhammad . despite Turkey in 1923, west moved to a secular democracy. are unfamiliar with the Republic of securities, the Republic of'riot', and'aberration'as nitelendirip , that in ebce tried to Cifir to base . that day, claiming that azıtıl today say Turkey will be the model of the Islamic geography. their purpose is to approach to the conservatism rose to a place , \"he said. after a Photo speeches TÜRKAV Aydin Branch Wise Poets and İncirliova Mayor Gürşad castle TÜRKAV Chairman Sinan Yüksel , 23. Period Prof. Taner Aydin Deputy Minister in Dr. Nadim Majid , which was presented Efe Aydin icon statue.


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