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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:53

Turkcell Technology Summit Opens

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Turkey's leading technology and communications company Turkcell , to meet corporate customers and business partners with key opinion leaders , a mental gymnastics to share the experience platform to create and the business world held by Turkcell Technology Summit to invite technological transformation takes place all over the world , began today.

İstanbul news: 112 sessions over 200 opinion leaders of the 12 will bring together the invitation over a thousand technology summit, the first day hosted more than 6,000 people .
The keynote speaker of the summit will continue the Golden Horn Congress Center for two days Turkcell CEO Sureyya Ciliv, 20th anniversary reception on Tuesday evening Turkcell Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister of the gospel is shared with Lutfi Elvan Technology Summit received from participants. Ciliv , 4G Turkey in 2015 was reported that they received good news from the Minister about the future .
Main theme is \"Next to move to the next your company Turkcell technology \"which Summit's opening, \"Now For Tomorrow \"Turkcell with a speech titled Corporate Vice President Sales and Marketing Group conducted Selene Kocabaş . Turkcell CEO Sureyya Ciliv Kocabaş then gave a speech . This year the 7th time held by Turkcell Technology Summit on the first day , \"Changing the World Technologies \", \"Experience the Innovation \", \"Mobile Business \", \"M2M 2.0:Internet of Things\", \"Convergence Solutions \", \"Turkcell Partner Area\", \"Software developers and entrepreneurs Area\", \"Digital Content and New Business Models\"under category 52 parallel sessions were held. Turkcell products that add value to the businesses of the companies , services and solutions, Turkcell, partners , suppliers and customers were presented with . Stands can be experienced exactly the drop-technological applications in the foyer with great attention .
PATH to be more agile and competitive REAL-TIME BEING the HEADING Photo Turkcell Technology Summit calendar in two days \"of technology in our life \"and \"win with technology \"Kocabaş stating there would be the concept of the Company's establishment support them in this process because of the 20th anniversary began his speech by thanking its corporate customers. Kocabaş, said an emphasis on capturing the moment required to achieve the success of the business in his speech:Photo \"speed in today's business world is very important. Today, we want the main pace we have everything in our lives in an instant and the environment. Therefore, to collect real-time knowledge in terms of company , handle and use , so real-time to be critical . successful companies of the future, information , data , and time will be true rulers . that is the way to become more agile and competitive for companies going through than real-time. need to advance action to take to be ready for tomorrow. \"
Kocabaş the main speaker of the day then , Turkcell CEO Sureyya Ciliv, \"Winning in the New World \"held in the session . Ciliv indicating that this topic is particularly preferred is a technology revolution and no longer stressed the need to accept the existence of a new world . Photo CİLİV'< strong> CALL to DE THE COMPANY Photo Ciliv,'Everyone wants to win''How do we win?'said the answer to the question is correctly reading the future. indicating that
worldwide the opportunity to know the owner of the most successful business Ciliv, he continued as follows:\"All have in common the future of good readings. the new world of technology shapes . If this world we won the best diagnosis we all together . My job is basic lessons I learn in life, the focus should be the customers. what is best for my clients is not what is the current month income question will take you to the right path . you know your customers easy to say , but first our Customer patron, you should know what you want. your customer things you need to provide benefits and make a difference , teamwork , innovation, knowledge, technology and investment. as Turkcell , we attach great importance to team play. Just as this is an important factor in the relationships we have established with our customers as well as our own. We believe in the importance of creating value by working together like a rowing team . I want to make a call to you here . Turkcell shovel pull together to win in the new world . \"Photo Turkcell CEO Ciliv, held in Ankara on Tuesday evening Turkcell 20th Anniversary Reception in transportation , the gospel Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi received from Elvan also shared with Technology Summit participants. For Photo individuals, for companies , our city for , explaining that the internet infrastructure is very important for our country Ciliv, he continued as follows:\"Today the world'before mobile'he says. All global technology companies, the majority of revenues are obtained via mobile devices . Smart phone sales explosion in Turkey from 2011 made ​​case . The most important issues shaping the new world ,'access anywhere'. Mobile internet everywhere today thanks to office and computers everywhere. Today 3G network in Turkey is one of the world's most powerful network. It is very important that we maintain our advantage. Yesterday evening we made our front desk gave good news , Mr. Minister, 20th anniversary , 2015, 4G will come to Turkey . This being forced to meet the growing traffic. 3G was not been here 5 years , mobile traffic increased 200 times . Every year at least 100% increase in question. That's why we invest in 4G. We are ready to 4G Turkcell . We also continue our work for 5G . Ensuring seamless communication between intelligent devices and cloud infrastructure is very critical in the new world . We promised in front of our President yesterday , we will invest more , we will do more already were doing . \"Photo APPLICATION STAND in the foyer area One of the focus of Photo Turkcell Technology Summit in the foyer area was located stands . how to format examples Advanced Vision stand at close new technologies of the future , 25 more than a thousand young programmer , which displays examples of projects developed by future Writers stand, understanding the habits of its customers Micro location Platform stand them the most suitable offer in place and described the offering of technology on time , great attention from guests he saw . Photo FIRST Photo Technology enthusiasts, 4G stands LTE found the opportunity to experience the Advanced speeds. with 4G speeds \"FIFA 15 \"play , participants stand in the same time 4K and follow the online 3D video has personally experienced the difference of 4G . 4G stand, was the scene of a policy. participants in the summit , which is one of LTE's new features and the multiple programs at the same time offering numerous opportunities monitoring by mobile users LTE-broadcast'i also have the opportunity to experiment . LTE supported this service is being tested in operator numbered in the world, was tested over a game of tennis can be traced from 4 different angles. Covered
Technology Summit , for the first time in Turkey, held in Istanbul Mini Maker Faire also opened its doors to the Golden Horn Congress Center. Fair, free and open to the public today at 11:30-17:00 to be visited . Photo Mini Maker Faire in Istanbul attending nearly 100 projects to his feet. The event hosted in Turkcell , Maker of sessions that talk about the Movement are also available. Istanbul personal 3D printers at Mini Maker Fair section for children , robotics division, located handcrafted sections. Brain waves read from the system , the wearable technology , native 3-D printers , projects that produce their own people until the drones are on display at the fair.
World's leading , one of the creative contest the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity award-winning work for the first time this year, Turkcell \"la on display at the Technology Summit in Turkey. 12 thousand participants from 90 countries followed in June 2014 Creativity film Festival , radio , direct marketing, promotion , design, traditional formats as well as mobile media , branded content and entertainment , innovation, product design, 37 thousand 400 work in areas such as activity have competed for prizes; Turkey, 8 lion figurine had scored a great success by obtaining . Photo SESSIONS AND INTERVIEWS LIVE can watch from the Photo Turkcell Technology Summit, the program flow and sessions on the mobile phone to keep track of comfortable technology Summit can download the application. Technological solutions for those who have the opportunity to participate in the summit were considered. Teknolojizirve tag on Twitter to keep up with events throughout the day , sessions and interviews from the address able to watch live throughout the event.

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