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  • 22 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 15:15

Turkey Antibiotic use in first

Turkey Antibiotic use in first
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Ondokuz Mayıs University ( OMU), Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Pharmacology Instructor Assoc .

Samsun news: Ondokuz Mayıs University ( OMU), Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Pharmacology Instructor Assoc . Dr. Secret S. Wise , drug use is very high in Turkey , recalling the beginning of the antibiotic drugs used in Turkey , he said .
Important disclosures about the use of the drug found in the Department of Pharmacology at the Faculty Assoc. Dr. Secret of the Wise , \"In Turkey, the drugs used at the beginning of antibiotics is coming , this is an absolute fact . Abroad when we look abroad frequently used drugs in Turkey commonly used drugs and their commonalities there are none . Abroad most common cardiovascular drugs, metabolic drugs being used. 11.6 percent of us if we look at the most common antibiotics , pain relievers and arthritis drugs are used. this is already the incident shows how serious , \"he said .
drug to another person uses someone else suggested that it is wrong to express the remarkable Assoc. Dr. Secret of the Wise , \"In our society too often the wrong one of these . Because we in medicine we say this disease is not the patient has . Always to treat the patient would like . Hence, each patient before other diseases may be used other drugs can , so another man from a good a drug to the other person's good may or therapeutic may be . these perceptions once from the society should be removed .'rational drug'in the definition of these lies , according to the patient the most appropriate medicine to select the'rational drug's fundamental principles one . Only the most suitable drug not the most low-cost medications to the patient in the right dose , the appropriate time to give rational drug's definition is generating. So we rational drug use different different criteria eyes need to take . single criterion drug deselect need to . them one of the physicians is concerned , we have chosen the drug once the patient is treated should be. course, many drugs on the market , making an analysis of these drugs important to select the most effective drug . One of the other criteria of rational drug side effects need to be very careful . In fact, it's been overlooked something adverse assessment of , for example , if the patient long-term treatment will use side effects from our perspective is very important is supposed to be , \"he said .
can lead to death
physicians taken without control may cause serious side effects of proteins that tell the Wise , \"who often range in athletes or body builders are proteins . But they have quite serious side effects , and they unfortunately do not think that any administered under the supervision of a physician . Therefore, they more in the gym , using proteins are recommended by sports trainers . I think if a person given drug or substance to be given under the control of the physician . Protein or an agent of the receiving party in advance of check-up , cardiac examinations , blood pressure measurement is very important to carry out . Because of these substances have significant side effects, so use them in an unconscious manner leads to results which may even bring death , \"he said .

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