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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:37

Turkey, broke records in Development Assistance

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Turkey in 2013, he broke the record in official development assistance .

Turkey in 2013, he broke the record in official development assistance . Described by the OECD in 2013, Turkey 3276 billion dollars in official development assistance to the data found in official development assistance .
Turkey, compared to the previous year , increasing 29.7 percent of official development assistance has reached 3.276 billion dollars . With this figure, assistance to Turkey in terms of growth rates among OECD members took second place after Japan . Turkey, the EU member states was among the first in the increase in development aid .
31.545 billion U.S. dollars of aid highest when the U.S., Britain , Germany and Japan have followed. Gross National Product in Turkey compared to the 0.42 per cent , DAC average rise above mentioned target a little closer .
TIKA 's According to recent data development assistance per cent of the 46.6 Middle East, 31 percent in Africa , 18 percent and 3 percent of southern and central Asia to the Balkans and Eastern European countries was made . Turkey has benefited the most from the country's official development assistance , respectively, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia , Palestine, Kazakhstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina was .
Deputy Prime Affairs of Turkey in 2002, only 86 billion dollars in aid , reminding\"Today , at this point Turkey 3.2 billion dollars of aid a country that was . Turkey, development aid, in terms of the first in Europe is located . the world while Japan Following is the latter. TIKA made ​​through the development assistance of any imperialist thought and not made. where we an underdog if so, where a wretch him if he lend a helping hand strive \"he said .
Deputy Prime Minister Affairs , said continued:
\"AK Party government and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan led Turkey is now the area is not the hand that has become . Turkey captured the political and economic stability due to anywhere in the world no matter the needy people used sticks out . 2016 World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Turkey I would like to remind you . Turkey is now the area is not the hand that gives . \"

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