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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 10:13

Turkey caesarean section above the world average output

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Mersin Provincial Public Health Director Dr.

Mersin Provincial Public Health Director Dr. Aytekin Bone , cesarean births increased in recent years , adding that \"Cesarean births worldwide average of 15 percent , while in 2013 the average of Turkey is 48 percent . Birth is unique , it normally is delivery. Caesarean birth but is an operation ,\"he said . Cesarean delivery on
in statements by Dr. Bone Aytekin 2013, according to data from the Ministry of Health hospitals, the caesarean rate of 39 percent , 63 percent in university hospitals , private hospitals and 81 per cent said it was . According to the data the university and private hospitals cesarean section rates are high , indicating that bone , \"Caesarean section is actually the birth of the forms is not one . Birth is unique , it normally is delivery. Caesarean birth is not possible or in cases where the mother and baby are at risk in cases where the mother and baby to protect the health made a surgically baby in the womb removal. so cesarean delivery is not is a surgery , \"he said .
cesarean births worldwide average percent of 15 that underlines the Bone , \"of 2013, Turkey's average is 48 percent . Mersin in our province in 2013 cesarean section rate is 58 per cent . caesarean method for mother and baby can be life saving in cases where there is also , however, the World Health Organization as required by cesarean section rate does not exceed 15 percent of all births . cesarean birth mothers of the reasons for rise in birth-related concerns and fears of a demand for cesarean section is thought to be due . Mom and Dad candidates , birth exact start time previously was unknown , birth inappropriate times and circumstances begin possibility and go to the hospital in the late of the fear , onset of labor symptoms not realize they thought , birth pains for fear normal delivery terms of any risk assessment is concerned although it is not for caesarean section insist , \"he said .
mom and Dad candidates of normal birth mother and baby in terms of benefits need to remind noted that bone , description said:
\"born by cesarean so sterile world in a way that infants strengthening the immune system is delayed , normal birth born with babies for the first time through the birth canal microbe they met born from the moment they strengthen the immune system fight to begin . Taken at birth by cesarean section anesthesia , anesthesia in normal birth does not have to be . Cesarean section due to the presence of anesthesia is more risky than a normal birth . Delayed after Caesarean babies from breastfeeding , mother's milk, there may be problems in coming . In normal postnatal breastfeeding easier and quicker starts. Cesarean delivery and return home in time to return to normal life is extended. After a normal birth mother's recovery and return to everyday life time is very short. Normal birth, postpartum depression is reduced. The mother gives birth weight more quickly than normal . Of babies born by cesarean section risk of becoming obese in later life is much more . Normal at birth, during birth by cesarean section maternal mortality rate is less. Normal at birth, postnatal seen a lower risk of infection and bleeding . Mothers who give birth after a normal birth by cesarean section pain is very small. \"

Turkey caesarean section above the world average output" comments for.


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