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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:47

Turkey Faces 2023 Obese Youth Danger!

Turkey Faces 2023 Obese Youth Danger!
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Duzce University , Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University , Capital University, Pediatric Association and 13-16 November with the TMO cooperation , Kemer Limak Limra Hotel in 2nd National Adolescent and Democratic Educators said Child Obesity Symposium organize a union (DES ) Chairman Gurkan Avci, in Turkey specifying the rate of childhood obesity is of increasing, the future of obesity voiced become a very serious problem for Turkey.

Erzurum news: Photo STILL LIFE TELEVISION COMPUTER EDUCATION SYSTEM OF OBESITY CAUSES Photo Turkey, especially children and youth obesity problem arise in dangerous levels and that the community's serious and qualified DES should be educated in such a way that said Chairman Gurkan Avci, still life, with television and computer habits ; He said social and that in a careless manner to sporting events sınavc that the education system of children obesity drag. Photo TURKEY high in calories , NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF LOW FOODS consumes Photo Turkey from the dangers of obesity , especially in children and teens is captured and noted that obesity has become a serious health problem of the Turkish people Gurkan Avci , said ; \"I would like to say that the future of obesity in advance warning nature will become a more serious problem for Turkey. Already, obesity rate in children rose to 22.5 percent in Turkey in average condition . School age , according to a study conducted in children with obesity groove of high appeared to be . Our children are high in calories , nutritional value is scaled with low food. Failure to collect the necessary and urgent measures are faced with Turkey obese generation danger. Photo oBESITY iN TURKEY DANGEROUS PROBLEM tHE FUTURE Photo Ministry of Education of poor quality and is hollow inside physical education classes policies of moving children to leave soon , should make efforts to promote social, and enthusiastic . Health and a road map against obesity, the Sports Ministry should have a strategic plan. Otherwise, in future years obesity more seriously public health will prove to be the problem. Responsible and visionary unionism we on behalf of struggling with in our country and our future threaten the secret danger that obesity pioneer as DES 13 this year, as a second step-16 November in Antalya Limak Limra Hotel in 2nd National Adolescent and Child we organize obesity Symposium. Photo CHILDREN AND YOUNG Our oBESITY tHREAT UNDER best-known scientists in the obesity field Photo Turkey , academics, successful with the participation of representatives of relevant institutions and organizations with bureaucrats and experts from relevant ministries and by organizing a qualified symposium Turkey's healthy youth and happy Gurkan said they intended to serve its future goals Avci, where he invited anyone interested in the subject in relation with the symposium , he said the following . Photo ENOUGH not aware of TURKEY OBESITY RISK Photo this symposium will invest in Turkey's obesity problem on the table and identify all major parties , including in particular our government and our advisory solutions in the context of relevant institutions and organizations and we will make some suggestions. Obesity is a great danger for Turkey and the world because it is a more dangerous crisis and slow progress but no one is aware enough . Obesity brings many acute and chronic diseases. The results of obesity and physical, and spiritual aspects of devastating. Photo THE COUNTRY FOR TREATMENT If MEASURES TAKEN BUDGET EVEN worth Photo Experts ceased to be a problem in developed countries the problem underdeveloped countries also said that under the influence . Carried out research across the world has declared that obesity tends to a large increase . However, obesity is more spread income is said to begin in the low country. Experts indicating that a billion more than 500 million people worldwide are obese , reduction of physical activity , poor food consumption habits in the sector increasingly sees as the most important reasons. No action is taken and obesity in the future at this rate is increased in 2023 in Turkey to meet the obesity-induced chronic diseases treated the country's budget situation .
AGRICULTURAL POLICIES AND RESTRICTIONS should DEVELOPMENT Photo Turkey, agricultural policies, the worst director , fell ill and GMO products as well as ban and to restrict children and the food is presented with youth advertise obesity problem by thinking and strategy to be followed in this regard and policies into more rambling left image. \"

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