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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 15:23

Turkey from TÜV Safety Training to Employees

Turkey from TÜV Safety Training to Employees
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Alpena Regional Director TÜVTÜRK Demirel, motorcycles and tractors in Turkey said that 80 per cent of muayenesizlik .

Yalova news: TÜVTÜRK Regional Director Alper Demirel in Turkey, motorcycles and tractors muayenesizlik ratio to 80 percent , he said .
TÜVTÜRK by the Yalova gendarmerie and the police traffic crews vehicle inspection and fraud was educated about . Yalova Municipality Assembly Hall seminar in Yalova Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Colonel Osman Arslan , Istanbul Police Department deputy directors , TÜVTÜRK Regional Director Alper Demirel , Waterside Motor Co. General Manager Faruk Seymen, TÜVTÜRK Yalova Station Supervisor Valerie Flower traffic with branches serving personnel took part. Regional Director , Demirel gave information about tüvtürk examination statistics .
Demirel , \"TÜVTÜRK since 2007 across the country, vehicle inspection is performing . although the private sector, although we made ​​this business owner is the state. prescriptive Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is . we TÜVTÜRK across the country 197 fixed stations , three motorcycles stations and 73 mobile stations to serve. 2013 at 9 million 200 thousand vehicle inspection realized. 2,014 in August to a total of 6 million 240 thousand vehicle inspection was done , \"he said .
in 2013, 1 million 207 thousand traffic accidents , that this 274 thousand 829 people were injured in an accident , 3 thousand 685 people lost their lives explaining Demirel tüvtürk strengthening the commissioning of the station network and to increase inspections with was a reduction in mortality from road traffic accidents . 2009/2013 year in traffic accidents that took place between death rates decreased by 15 percent . dropped by . In this tüvtürk a great contribution there , \"he said .
Examination a maximum defect rate heavy vehicle detected in the attention Demirel ,\"our stations for inspection applicant of heavy vehicles in the beginning the number of defects other vehicle groups and much more. An average of 10 vehicles 7-8'n the defect are found , \"he said .
Across the country registered 179 million vehicles stating that the Demirel ,\"across the country, theft rate when we look at in light vehicles by 26 percent, heavy vehicles 35 percent , motorcycles and tractors , 80 percent . Bunda falling to delay examination of the law is expected to come from the Parliament of the citizens have a great impact . This is a one-time tax law and will bring substantial reductions in penalty . This law, together with the emergence of a serious decline in the rate of leakage losses believe that , \"he said .

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