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  • 28 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 00:46

Turkey has 45 Facebook user's information

Turkey has 45 Facebook user's information
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Facebook, the Turkish authorities gave the company the user's information on the 45.

96 on the Turkish authorities to request data from the company of 173 users found.
United States , 11-12 thousand demand Facebook in terms of a number of requests transmitted first.

Social networking site Facebook, 74 countries, has announced that 38 thousand requests the user.

Facebook, the fulfillment of requests for information submitted to it by countries Sticky Thread with data on"Global Government Claims Report" of the first one published.

Facebook's initial transparency report, until the first half of this year alone, 74 of the country authorities, U.S. officials reportedly have requested information on 38 thousand Facebook users.

governments, which is often applied to them explaining to the public on Facebook, said it plans to do on a regular basis.

Facebook Colin Stretch Head of Legal Department,"they have to fight against the majority of the requests, denied if there are deficiencies in the legal point of view, when it comes to wide-ranging scope of the daralttıklarını demands,"he said.

Stretch, Sticky Thread"need to fulfill a specific request, such as a name often share basic user information" passed.

According to the AP, Facebook, 96 on the Turkish authorities to request data from users was 173 company, had been given to 45 of these claims.

Sticky Thread Sticky

Facebook Description

said in a statement on the subject as the demands of all the data on your Facebook that there is a very strict process was. The statement was recorded as follows:

"We believe that this process protects data from people who use our services, and to receive any information about any of the states of a user is very high legal bar on every request We require pushing. every request in accordance with our conditions and laws to carefully consider whether they have legal capacity and a detailed legal and factual basis for each case, we require the submission. is fighting against the majority of these claims, rejecting the request of the legal deficiencies and we find daraltıyoruz broad or vague scope of the claims. necessary to fulfill a specific request, often only the basic user information such as user name, share."

"Last will report"

statement, the report states that official investigations ongoing debate about the appropriate standards for the demands of the user information will be useful to users informed as expected, "This is the first report to the assembly as an important, yet we would like you to know that will not be the last report. Upcoming reports received from the police authorities hope that we may learn even more about the demands" expressions were used.

States have important responsibilities in ensuring the safety of people, but also realized the situation, pretending to clear the highlighted statement,"Government transparency and public safety, not ideals, completely separate from each other, each a combination of free and open societies exist, and this makes us stronger. all states to ensure public safety initiatives invite you to become a more transparent manner, and that it will continue to make an aggressive supporter"was evaluated.

In the first place there is the United States

report According to the United States, 11 to 12 thousand demand topped the list in terms of number of requests transmitted to Facebook.

facebook thousand 705 from Italy, France, 547 thousand, 975 thousand of the UK, Germany and Spain, 886 thousand 479 forwarded request.

Turkey , the ranking of European countries've requested information from France, England, Germany, Italy and Spain lagged behind countries such as.

Turkey has 45 Facebook user's information" comments for.


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