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  • 21 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 18:03

Turkey has produced unmanned watercraft

Turkey has produced unmanned watercraft
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Which can be produced in a limited number of unmanned marine vehicles in the world, is now being produced in Turkey.

manufacturer's CEO Turgay Maler, 'former soldiers and armies conquered places, technology, fethedebilmeyi öngördük'dedi now. The importance of the defense industry, we have an ever-increasing demand from different countries previously under water search and rescue in a time of need, and mine-clearing vehicles are now being produced in Turkey. Software, hardware tools in the technological field produced by the Turkish engineers Turkey breast ruffle power. Only a few developed countries in the world of unmanned marine vehicles produced in Turkey Turgay Maler manufacturer's CEO said. Produced by

unmanned marine vehicles was developed by Turkish engineers underlines completely Maler, vehicles Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and developed with the support of TUBITAK, he said.

Emphasizing the importance of the production of the vehicles taken abroad instead Maler Turkey, the following phrases:'There are major advantages of the production of unmanned marine vehicles in Turkey. Once the software we do not absolutely dependent on abroad. And any changes made on this software now being done by our engineers. This means as a national development in Turkey, the proud, bunlara'Çanakkale ',' Gelibolu'gibi wanted to give the national names. Turkey, these robots are capable of the task to be the deepest places, that we make it possible to transfer this technology to other countries.

Are one of the few countries that can produce WORLD '

still seas and oceans 1 and 2 There are mines dating from World Wars. And it has some difficulties in cleaning. Sometimes dalınamıyor deep. That means that the sea can not see the mines were needed. Distracted by a depth of thousands of meters of unmanned vehicles, to detect and can destroy the mines on the camera and light systems.

With these tools before, soldiers, armies conquered places, we are now predicted to conquer our technology. Continue the work of land next to the sea vehicles unmanned vehicles. We are one of the few countries that can produce them in the world. '

Turkey has produced unmanned watercraft" comments for.


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