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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:59

Turkey Iran Van Forum Ended

Turkey Iran Van Forum Ended
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Governorship of Van , Eastern Anatolia Development Agency, Iran's Foreign Ministry , Centenary College of cooperation in Turkey , Asia Strategy Research Center ( TASA ) organized by Turkey, Iran \"Industry and Financial Deepening \"Van Forum ended .

Van news: Governorship of Van , Eastern Anatolia Development Agency, Iran's Foreign Ministry , Centenary College of cooperation in Turkey , Asia Strategy Research Center ( TASA ) organized by Turkey, Iran \"Industry and Financial Deepening \"Van Forum ended . Photo Van in a private hotel in the declaration of the result of the two-day forum was read. In reading the final declaration by TASAM said:\"The meeting of Turkey and industry representatives from Iran , thought and opinion leaders, managers of civil society and think tanks , academics, members of parliament , various levels of protocol representatives, observers diplomatic representatives , relevant experts and media representatives participated in . public diploma in this context, culture and tourism, education and language, health and wellness tourism, energy and petroleum chemical industry , the Turkey-Iran dialogue of civilizations , logistics, transport and communications , banking and finance , economics and finance , media and communications , science and technology , construction, contracting and infrastructure issues have been addressed. participating individuals and institutions during the Forum both countries, the expansion of the work done under the institutional forum for the benefit of both Turkey-Iran joint is decided to be enabled in Iran and Turkey. in addition, the relevant public authorities and in the international arena active Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have been adopted to emphasize the importance of the involvement and support. Official for the development of relations between the two countries and the settlement of the issue and increasing need for interaction among civil level is also emphasized. \"Photo Country of neighbors was said in the final communiqué stated that having to determine who would be:\"But the relationship with the neighbors friendship , competition or the progress on the basis of hostility has the ability to determine . Therefore, it should show the importance of friendship language of the language used . The relationship of trust and care should be taken to protect the environment. Iran-Turkey relations are defined in a highly competitive level of cooperation . In the future it is necessary to proceed with the relationship of these two emotions. While acknowledging expanding areas of cooperation will gain the competitive dynamics of the relationship unless they are transformed into hostility and development of friendly relations is of importance . In this way, the two countries will be able to contribute significantly to regional and global problems. Dispute between Iran and Turkey serves the interests of only non-local elements . \"Photo In a concluding statement , Iran, and Turkey's 3rd countries or stating that in the course of relations with the parties independently should focus on the development of bilateral relations following expressions were used:\"the Relationship improvement and development of not only the regional level , will expand its continental economic and political maneuvers and activities of the two countries at the global level . Iran and Turkey will form the center of gravity , the region will affect the global balance and the Islamic world. Healthy interaction between the two countries in the Islamic sect to bring together state level , prevention of radical movements in the Muslim world and is of great importance . $ 30 billion in 2015 to reach the targeted Iran-Turkey trade volume has the potential $ 150 billion . Were necessary for it to overcome the mental threshold on the basis of sectoral and financial deepening interdependence Madiran . Basic requirement of the healthy progress of trade and economic relations with a floor of vital importance for the future of political relations is the creation of healthy joint banking system. In this regard, an approach which considers the possibility of crises into opportunities to be expanded in all areas of mutual interest in the relationship between Turkey and Iran . Van Hoy border town and can not take economic relations between Turkey and Iran. For this purpose, transportation and communication as well as financial , must be lacking in areas such as rapid elimination of bureaucratic and diplomatic services. Tourist relations should be handled only in economic terms. Interaction of cultural relations between the two countries'citizens will allow progress to a more solid ground . Tourism development for culture and tourism fairs in the fundamental respect for the visitor's confidence to have military , is necessary to improve the economic and psychological form in all directions.
Final declaration, student and faculty exchange enhancement of joint sports and cultural activities , stating the need to resolve the higher education equivalence as follows he said:\"stabilization of relations between the two countries and the establishment of women aged collaborative environment for continuity, artistic and cultural co-operations between the women of Iran and Turkey are required to organize . in recent years in the field of health between the two countries is seen that significant progress . will allow the two countries to share their current experience , the development of common policies will contribute to getting better from this area. the development of cooperation pipelines in the energy sector and the supply of ensuring the commercial balance other countries and demand in accordance with appropriate policies developed and made ​​possible by ensuring regional stability. To investigate the possibilities to live free from preferential trade relations between the two countries is required. An important activity that results in the development of useful efficient and provisions opinions expectation has been realized. \"Photo Justice and Development Party Van deputy Burhan epithermal , said later that they gave new emphasis on innovation and R \u0026 D in Iran and Turkey, Turkey's last 12 years R \u0026 D was expressed may say that a way representing the area .
Van Governor Aydin Nezih Dogan said subsequent interviews in what she thinks is needed removal of obstacles to the relationship of the people. I ended with the withdrawal of a souvenir photo of the Van forum. photo

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