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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:46

Turkey is Running Records in Aspen Production

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Support provided by the Ministry of Food , Agriculture and Livestock production has increased safflower .

Ankara news: In 2002, 25 tonnes of safflower production, in 2013 reached 45 thousand tons. Photo Turkey, in the production of edible oil , food, chemical , used in the production of cosmetics and biodiesel production has grown target in safflower . Increase the support given by the Ministry for the production of oilseed crops , safflower production has increased at a record level . In 2002, 25 tonnes of safflower production, rose to 45 thousand tons in 2013 . In 2014, an estimated production of 76 thousand tons . The one-year long day oil plant that can grow an average 110-140 days with safflower, drought and cold resistant, can be grown in arid areas and began to be preferred by manufacturers because of the cultivation can be done in the spring . Photo MINISTRY OF COST PERCENT 80'< strong> iN greets Photo year of the safflower plant offers the possibility to output twice , until the making biodiesel from food is used as a raw material in many areas and makes a major contribution to the national economy . Thus, the increase in production , exports also reflected . In 2010, exports grew at a record level of 165 tonnes of safflower in the last three years , reaching 284 thousand tons. Ministry to increase the production of safflower , 22 cents per kilogram, which is the difference to pay the support , pulled out 45 cents . Fuel, fertilizer , soil analysis, the amount of support given together with support as certified seed per hectare , reaching 91 pounds. Met about 80 percent of the cost with the support of the Ministry. Photo PRODUCTION IN THE WORLD No. 7 we
As of the year 2012 in the world about 834 thousand tons of production made ​​aspirated in recent years, manufacturers in Turkey with high interest , safflower moved up to 7th among producing countries . In our country, most safflower production is maintained and in some provinces in Central Anatolia Ankara is located in the first row in Şanlıurfa and Eskişehir. Safflower production is made ​​in other provinces , Ankara, Kirikkale, Aksaray , Mus, Kayseri, Yozgat , Amasya, Opium and is listed as Karaman . Our country needs 55 percent of the safflower'in Ankara meets with about 25 thousand tons of production. In Turkey, over the years, the production increased and seeds from the resulting quality edible oil aspirated , while in 2023, aims to produce 2 million tons of oil. Photo WATER NEEDS not HEAR climate and soil requirements of the Photo Safflower plant to be less selective than other oil crops , the manufacturer offers the possibility to make production in different conditions. Safflower can be grown without the need for water, especially in arid regions are preferred by manufacturers . Fallow agricultural land in our country is evaluated with safflower cultivation in recent years.

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