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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 22:44

Turkey Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen and the Turkish Education You Asst. Assoc. Dr. M. Hanafi Bostan:

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Turkey Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen and the Turkish Education You Asst.

İstanbul news: Assoc. Dr. M. Hanafi Bostan , \"the Ministry of Education in the new Ministry of Education Act with stones displaced oynatılarak tens of thousands administrator's rights usurped whether to deserve those giving justice was murdered ,\"he said .
Bostan said , \"Turkey is not accustomed to that and the great injustice that has from the days pass. especially the Ministry of Education in the new Ministry of Education Act with stones displaced oynatılarak tens of thousands of managers has the right usurped whether to deserve those giving justice was murdered . Indeed, this law together for 4 years after completing school principals, deputy principals , deputy sacked . Again provincial education directors, district directors of education , provincial director of national education assistants, Ministry of Education all of the senior managers on duty was ended. Ministry's Central Organization located in the branch managers the task , taking expert was made. this way for many years knowledge, experience, the Ministry manages back service the Ministry has taken and reset the memory . these laws enacted in the aftermath of the Regulation Executive Appointment staffing literally was the other name . At one time his career has merit, have , fuck was , information was , empirical what's all destroyed overthrow was , \"he said .
Bostan, \"76 thousand managers vested rights lost , all the social status of a law in their power taken. In short the lives of people 20-25 years of managerial returned to Hell . The public should know all the teachers and administrators in the Ministry of Education is faced with a programmed caliper . First, merit , knowledge and skills of people who are not City Manager , District Education Director and Branch Manager has established parallel structures they brought to the task was given to the order . And the Council of irregular appointments made ​​by the Affirming the irregularities related branch managers had been canceled , school principals gave instruction points . Unauthorized these branch managers'his pro-rated as a result of eight thousand successful school principal's duties was to end , \"he said .
Successful school principal location of the non-objective trainers leave asserts Bostan , \"Henceforth school important part of our now successful school principals , but the doors of their seats with non-objective evaluation is entrusted to His servants . Our schools do not deserve , not by the power of knowledge and experience , with the power of the oracle was delivered to the person who brought it to the authorities and continues to be . But any kind of reference to the religious right who said that fraud , not fear Allah , the right to use the philosophy of life that has made eating freak mob , has committed to signing any kind of infamy . This gang , all kinds of principles and values ​​was trampled , \"he said .
Hanafi Bostan argues that the politicization of Ministry of Education ,\"Education should be noted that where a nation's future is shaped . This is bland , impersonal and lacking a sense of justice, if delivered to the person trained a generation of bland impersonal and unjust decision , and therefore you are the future of the nation . Who does not work anymore , not with sweat and labor union preferences due to political calculations authorities brought revolution started school administrators . Ministry of National Education of the Republic at any time in our history not so politicized , \"he said .
Words continued criticizing the education system Hanafi Bostan ,\"Schools will be governed by the then pro and orders . School diploma fields of political power will become a paradise . Schools incompetent and lack the ability to manage people will be entrusted to the language . This situation not seen in the history of education is a major usurpation of rights . This is an outrage unprecedented in the world and his wife . Governmental tyranny and usurpation of rights is a serious disease that leads to disaster . History, persecution transmitted disease did not witness the liberation of society . Therefore, to fight injustice and cruelty is the duty of every individual human being he . Such unfair and unlawful understanding , conscience , which is not possible for any individual to accept . Our belief values ​​are strictly prohibits such a persecution , \"he said .
Bostan, \"Power of the Right and justice are not leaning governments, is doomed to collapse . Exceptions to the rules and laws in place , concessions and privileges created , if there is a weakness in this administration . People, not me-that he is leaving , there's something wrong in this administration is . An institution employees 90 percent of injustice , injustice talking and institutions rely on claims that if that organization life cycle , \"he said .
Assoc. Dr. M. Hanafi Bostan , said continued:
\"Deserves the right eating , those who do not deserve to raise or important tasks is the most important cause of social disintegration . Which caused chaos and outrage , and disturbing the peace of the educational community deserves a moment before eating policies should be abandoned and an end to oppression and injustice . It should be known , injustice and cruelty can not be abate . In addition, the following points should be kept in mind , justice, humanity, murder is murder . Such a murder to escape from the responsibility of the authorities as soon as your wish is celebrating the Feast of Sacrifice , sacrifice to education and educators hope that in politics . \"

Turkey Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen and the Turkish Education You Asst. Assoc. Dr. M. Hanafi Bostan:" comments for.


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