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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:27

Turkey Karate Federation Fiscal 4th Plenary Meeting

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Karate Federation of Turkey in Ankara 4th Ordinary General Assembly of the activities in the financial and audit reports were accepted by a majority vote .

Ankara news: Financial
4th Ordinary General Assembly of Turkey Karate Federation , was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Ankara Ankara . After the reading of silence and the National Anthem Selahattin Court of Final was elected to the Board . Council Board was authorized to sign the minutes of the meeting . With the participation of 180 delegates from the 114 established a quorum , then read on the provision of operational and audit reports were accepted by a majority vote . Turkey Karate Federation's 2015 estimated budget of 9 million 875 thousand , in 2016 the budget of 10 million 175 thousand pounds , respectively.
Karate Federation President Assad delihasan in the General Assembly his thank you speech, his tenure in the activities carried out to the participants told. Delihasan , \"six years ago, the licensed number of athletes 67 thousand from 156 thousand rose. İstanbul community policing with problematic children's karate training we give . This year 20 districts in Istanbul, more than a thousand children are working on and very good returns you're getting . Four per year successful federations are among . world karate come to mind first name of one of Turkey's happening , \"he said .
karate community, with people fighting instead acts and facilities are seeking to boost emphasizing delihasan ,\"We people will expand not say . karate on the concrete will remove said. beneath ground we are even harvested . Federation do not respond to accusations made ​​against us . taking us laugh that bad , we're giving bread . European Games in Baku will be held next year , full staff want to get involved , \"he said .

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