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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:13

Turkey last 7 years to participate in the Employment Market in the World Number One

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Percent in Turkey in the last 7 years is 9 to 23 participate in the labor market in the world in case of a number was specified.

Trabzon news: Photo Trabzon organized by Human Resources and Employment Fair in providing information about the employment market in Turkey IŞKUR Vice President Cafe Uzunkaya, not developing countries only the employment issues of the world's most developed countries also recalled that the first item on the agenda . IŞKUR Assistant General Manager , Cafe Uzunkaya \"in terms of our course countries with the private sector, our entrepreneurs with our government's general policy is always economical with the work carried out together , in terms of employment and growth is clear that we get a very large distances. Even this crisis in Turkey in the 2008 crisis in an environment where the light jumped unemployment rate of our 2009 is considered to be 13.1 . Today, we arrive at the 9.8 unemployment and unemployment in the euro area we have struggled for years to become a member of 11.5 per cent in Greece, 27 , in our country we compare the 24 rates per cent in Spain and is a good point in terms of employers we I can say , \"he said .
TARGET UNEMPLOYMENT percent 5' E TAKE explaining the figures to contribute in Photo İŞKUR employment market Uzunkaya, said:< br/> \"in 2002, a dry is engaged through all across Turkey in one year 65 thousand people , our job placement on . in 2013, 671 thousand of our people , we have pioneered with 2014's first nine months as the participation of 650 thousand people in the labor market . As a result, activities about our employers and our job search in a year in that year's activities, which from an institution around 3 thousand today, it was just Trabzon'umuzda our efforts this year , only the first 9 months as of 21 thousand people are our qualities and gains can point. We must express the opinion that we did this year IŞKUR 12 May and 27 June between work face to face with our employer our first time on this scale and in person at the request of the scale of the labor market ten and above businesses, which employ the labor force in Turkey and photographed them . We made visits to 129 thousand workplaces . Trabzon'umuzda 2 thousand 283 establishments visited our labor market in the sense that the entity to which we have identified and which is needed in human resources. I would like to know the options to participate in the labor market with 23 per cent last 7 years Turkey has been an established number 9 in the world. Here we try to express our dynamic labor market , we have people who want to contribute to our employers and the economy. This is for us , taking steady growth objectives with innovative production concept and a prosperous society with our qualified human labor , downloading a large Turkey's built on behalf of Turkey's unemployment rate in employment 5 percent targeted. \"Photo Trabzon in 2014 pLACEMENT in Turkey THREE Photo terms of Trabzon placement Turkey stressed that a third of works and Housing Provincial Director Mustafa Sezgin, \"one focused solutions that we made ​​on the unemployment problem working at bringing in job seekers common platform with employers and the local economy and human resources and employment fairs, which are intended to stimulate the employment environment. In 2012 we held the first of the Employment Fair a great success we have achieved good results with our partners we receive düzenleyeterek the third in the event . Thousands of our company by providing job seekers with job openings directly to a job interview and will give our citizens short on positive outcomes in our province's employment structure is one of our expected long-term goals. In addition, we expect our city will be in the care of the promotion of firmalarını serious contributions. Prevention of unemployment in 2014 had a successful period in the sense that we can proudly say . Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Works and Housing as the end of September, the private sector received 10 thousand 284 open job vacancies and receive 6 thousand 960 people have done work placement. We took third place in terms of these data across Trabzon Turkey , \"he said .

Turkey last 7 years to participate in the Employment Market in the World Number One" comments for.


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