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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:02

Turkey Leg 2 in Eskisehir Rally Championship Begins

Turkey Leg 2 in Eskisehir Rally Championship Begins
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Turkey , Eskisehir Rally Championship Rally 2 feet , to be held between May 10-11 .

Eskişehir news: Turkey , Eskisehir Rally Championship Rally 2 feet , to be held between May 10-11 .
Turkey Automobile Sports Federation , who spoke first at the meeting organized by the Eskişehir Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Huseyin Aksoy , Turkey between May 10-11 Rally Championship announced that they will host the 2nd leg . Past year TDKB activities within the scope of the Balkan Rally Championship hosted reminded that they Aksoy, \"around 80 vehicles and 160 pilots joined an organization that hosts have made . These organizations from the forehead of our whites have set . Weekend will be the organization of domestic and foreign famous pilots attend. 60th vehicles and 120 are waiting to join the pilot , \"he said .
Aksoy, Eskisehir Rally May 10 Badger Sports Hall of spectator stage'the upper part of the structures , said:\"on May 11 , on Sunday, the rally will be held . this organization of the Turkish world , especially our municipalities and private companies support. Sponsorship for companies that would like to thank . All being well, next year or end of this year the European Rally Championship candidate contests also bring think. weekend will be held rally the forehead of our whites kazasız emergence wish , \"he said .
NEVZAT Arslan: \"RACER 9''s coming and
Turkey Automobile Sports Federation Provincial Representative Nevzat Arslan , on the 9th racers place to see the future , adding that \"France and Italy in the world rally championship, winning seven , eight pilot teacher engaged the contestants in our city came us to honor . Turks living in France and the French pilot comes first . In Turkey, we have not seen up to this time will participate in a race with the Porsche 997 vehicle . As of today, on the road . Tool brings to Turkey . 10 had a special spectator stage will do it in oak . On the same date with the locals Eskişehir slalom races will also do . Eskişehirlilerin can join this race with their cars , \"he said .
on May 10 with apex Masters Group shows two vehicles that would make Arslan, \"then in front Espark 18:15'te start of the rally, we will give . Races will be started . Turkey Rally Championship held in Turkey in the 22 years since the first time the night before the race will be held in Eskisehir . Vehicles as of 20:36 muttalip after spectator stage , Hekimdağ , village , between the village of Sakarılı dividend , the time to pass a night in the direction of Kavacık 20.30 and will start from the step will complete the night . It ends tonight , the next day the same team 09.30 reputation will start with the service took the same steps two times passing , 16:20 As with the Espark in front of the paver will take place , \"he said.
Saturday at 18.00 Espark before the competition start will be given save Arslan the competition TDKB ETO Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports , Espark and give great support of the Forest Department said.

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