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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 12:47

Turkey's Basketball Men's 2nd Division

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Turkey's Basketball Men's 2nd Division match of the first week Sinpaş Denizli Basket, Soc Sports displacement was defeated 100-79 .

Denizli news:
in Izmir, Denizli , Sinpas defeated Soc Sports Basketball coaches in different Okan they said Agile poor defense , said that they would survive this difficult period . Experienced coach Agile, \"beginning of the season we have established with the team one goal we set off , it's Division 1 exit . Indeed season beginning our preparations we have planned accordingly very well realized. 2 major players in our team is not us really broke. Course, another reason the Darrius Morrow's place to fill about 10 days continuously players are in search . they number 100 for dinner after all not an excuse . from now foreign player transfers we think we did , we then as soon collected and defense dominated the team becoming repeat scroll matches we will be making , \"he said .
the other hand on top of Sinpaş Basket Denizli after injury experienced Forex Integral Besiktas player Tyler Stone Americans rent strengthened by transferring staff .

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