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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:37

Turkey's Development Assistance Report Announced

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Turkey Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) , for the year 2013 announced that the Development Assistance Report.

İstanbul news: Due to the assistance provided to Syrian guests in the report of Middle East Area of assistance with 1 billion 766.54 million dollars, said to be of the most benefit from it.
Prime Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) announced that Turkey's Development Assistance Report. The report made ​​the following statement:\"Turkey's economy, Show the last decade's patented performance and captured experienced in the high growth peripheral countries all economic and despite political crisis continued in 2013. When macroeconomic indicators compared to the previous year from the pain, so that is captured in 2013 by 4 Turkey's Gross National Product and the growth rate ( GDP) of 786 billion dollars, 789 billion dollars , while per capita income rose from $ 10,782 to 10,505 dollars. as of the end of 2013 the Turkish economy, according to the parity of purchasing power of gross domestic product (GDP) ranking , Europe member of the Union and candidate countries between the 6th largest economy in the world, the 16th was the largest economy .
Official Development Assistance by the Gross National Product division ( ODA/GNI) calculated the Millennium Goals to realize the level of 10 years ago, 1 per thousand , while in 2013 this figure was calculated as 4.2 per thousand . the sum of Turkey's official and private flows were realized as 4 billion 347 million dollars in 2013. 3 billion in 2013 was $ 307 million Official Development Assistance . Amount of private flows is $ 1.1 billion the past, this figure was the total amount of aid in the Turkish private sector by 280.23 million dollars of NGOs with 820 million dollar investment in the project \". Photo OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE Photo report based on official development assistance by 3 billion 156.67 million dollars of bilateral aid , and multilateral contributions totaled 151 million dollars . two-sided contribution of 2 billion 596.12 million dollars grant , 560.55 million dollars was in the form of the concessional loan assistance. Photo bilateral Official Development Assistance made ​​in 2013 by Turkey , according to the contribution made in 2012 showed an increase of 30 percent . due aid to Syrian guest Middle East Area 1 billion 766.54 million dollars it was of the most benefit from assistance . in 2012, the 3-fold increase in official development assistance to Africa rising to second place , has maintained its position with the aid figure of $ 782 million realized in 2013 . The South and Central Asia Region was held in aid to the increase of 8 percent and reached 484 million dollars. Although the South and compared to the Central Asia Region to made ​​in the African region a further increase seen was though Asia Region 2013 took place again in the 3rd . Photo Balkans and in aid to Eastern European countries prior year's 12 percent increase was observed . When we look at other areas, 70 percent of aid to Far East countries , whereas in aid to America was an increase of 64 percent. Photo BUDGET SUPPORT in 2013 by Photo Turkey Somalia 15 million dollars, while in Kyrgyzstan have provided financial support amounting to $ 2.23 million . Between the Treasury and the Egyptian Ministry of Finance protocol signed by our country in September 2012, Egypt has agreed to provide $ 1 billion in concessional loans . The first tranche of $ 500 million in the last months of 2012 the loan, while the second tranche was sent to Egypt in early 2013. Kyrgyzstan concessional loans amounting to 60.55 million dollars was provided. As a result, Egypt and the sum of the urgent concessional loans was 560.55 million dollars in Kyrgyzstan in 2013 .
EMERGENCY AND HUMANITARIAN Photo Turkey made ​​49 percent of Official Development Assistance in 2013'u were reported as humanitarian aid. The amount reaching $ 1 billion 629.18 million of humanitarian aid to GNP rose compared to the previous year when 0.21 0,13't ; these ratios , Turkey # 1 among the countries that humanitarian aid is made ​​in terms of amount , Turkey # 3 took place after the USA and the UK . The amount of humanitarian aid per capita was $ 22. Since April of 2011. Following the unrest began in Syria Photo Syrians began to come to our country for Turkey continued to practice an open door policy . Meet the needs of more than 2 years in camps in Turkey by the Syrian guests were greeted with precision . The effect of this process in our country with the highest number of emergency aid of $ 1,040 million in 2012. 4. Perform assisted by donor ( US , followed by the EU and the UK) was . The amount of the aid to the Syrian guests in 2013 was calculated to be 1.571 million.
< Strong> LOCAL STUDENTS HELP Photo Turkey, who want to see by the higher education for over 20 years provided scholarships to international students. In this context, the Turks and Related Communities Abroad Presidency in 2012, 4 thousand 715 students received scholarships given that , in 2013, starting on the 3rd floor , this figure rose to 14 thousand 507 students. In addition, Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey ( TUBITAK), implemented by the Foreign PhD Scholarship Program for Nationals and the Least Developed Countries have benefited a total of 162 students from the Graduate Scholarship Program. Photo PROJECT PROGRAM GRANTS TECHNICAL cOOPERATION nATIONAL NGO SUPPORT Photo a large majority of the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) project implemented by the program/​​technical cooperation and national support to NGOs working to over $ 549 million was transferred in 2013 . These efforts are our public institutions and was carried out in collaboration. In these studies can be decomposed in the Photo Industry was calculated to social infrastructure transferred shares to 91 percent of the sector ( concessional loans to sectors kept separate ) .Sığınmacı total of 71 thousand from various countries in 2013, 353 people entered Turkey did . Can receive development aid from countries that are determined by the World Bank , the number was 70 thousand 431 people arriving in Turkey . 16 thousand 415 of these refugees was the Syrians who entered Turkey illegally . For refugees from Turkey in 2013 made ​​spending 87.3 million dollars.
< Strong> ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Photo Management expenses, development aid all institutions and organizations involved in the study , the central or provincial organizations with overseas units, staff was installed to perform these activities was included administrative and logistics costs. Turkey and administrative expenses in 2013 was calculated to be 89.2 million dollars. The management expenses were up only 3 percent of its Official Development Assistance . Photo CONTRIBUTIONS MADE TO INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS ( multilateral aid on ) Photo 2013 Turkey'the contribution made ​​to international organizations amounted to 151 million dollars. 110.80 million dollars in 2012, said that assistance has increased by 36 percent in 2013 . Took most contributed 70.17 million from the World Bank Group, while 31.18 million from the second row of the United Nations Organization and the executive agencies by Turkey. Photo Other official flows (DRA) , made ​​by the official sector, but mainly for development because they do not have enough of them or concession is defined as a transaction that does not meet the conditions to be ODA . Turkey is extended by a loan of $ 2.58 million in 2013 , even as the repayment of loans received in previous years has given in principal and interest amounting to $ 15.64 million .
DIRECT INVESTMENT Photo Turkey'Although the export of capital concentrated in the South and Central Asia Region , as in previous years, the Turkish capital from Africa to Latin America, from Europe to the Far East has spread all over the world. Azerbaijan in 2013 449 million dollars , India was $ 80 million and Egypt $ 38 million of Turkey's most investments made ​​by countries . The development assistance total carried out by NGOs in Photo 2013 was 280.23 million dollars. An increase of 85 percent compared to the previous year was calculated NGO assistance . Did not constitute 93.95 million dollars in aid to the figure in question in Syria. Turkish public institutions and resources of 47.7 million dollars was transferred to NGOs. Photo 2013 DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE DONOR COUNTRIES AND TURKEY THE PLACE Photo OECD total net Official Development Assistance in 2013 the country was recorded as 134.8 billion. It was also increased by 6.1 percent in real terms showed that the highest level of support and so far recorded . Photo by volume makes the biggest aid donors to USA, UK , Germany, Japan and France was . Determined by the United Nations ODA/GNP target with 0.7 per cent in Norway, Sweden , Luxembourg and Denmark as well as in the years surpassed the night. This is in addition to the four countries England in 2013. ODA em-ployed increased by 27.8 percent and reached for the first time the UN target of 0.7 percent set by international .

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