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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 16:18

Turkey's largest excavations of the Phrygians are not Greeks Laodicea

Turkey's largest excavations of the Phrygians are not Greeks Laodicea
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Founded 500 years ago in Anatolia, 7 thousand Laodikya, not a Greek city, M.

established in Anatolia Laodikya 7 thousand 500 years ago, not a Greek city, BC 7. of the Phrygian civilization in Central Anatolia in the centuries appeared to be dominated by the west. Excavation Laodicea Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Celal Simsek, six kilometers east of Denizli, Eskihisar, Goncalı and villages within the boundaries of Bozburun Çürüksu (Lycos) Valley, Laodicea, Ephesus and Izmir, Anatolia after the largest and most important city of the ancient Phrygian said that they found that the .

ılında In 2008, the excavations continued uninterrupted since the 12-month studies continue to the ancient city of Laodicea. This year, the weight of the restoration work, especially this year, over 50 thousand tourists visited the ancient city. And the excavation area of ​​the ancient city from the terrace looking glass following the domestic and foreign tourists taking your souvenir photos.

over 12 months of excavation and restoration work in Turkey, stated that they are the only team Simsek,"We are 100 meters north-south direction and opened an area of ​​40 meters east-west. Went down to a depth of three meters and only about 20 thousand tons of soil excavation in this area was excavated. Afterwards, we entered direct restoration and excavation work and here we are doing the restoration, such as the ancient period. use all the architectural blocks, marble blocks, steel, lead and lead-Drain Drain erittiğimiz do. This is really important, so this The most important thing to his feet after the removal of the area in ancient times."he said.

continued restoration work that the Church of Laodicea Lightning,"Really, covering an area of ​​two thousand square meters and is currently almost the oldest and the title of the original church building in the world that protects it. is very important to the realm of Christianity. Here, mosaics and marble tiles and marble tiles and decorated at the base of geometric restoration continues and continues the restoration of frescoes of the walls."he said.

" Laodicea Greeks DE Gil, Phrygians"

Laodikya Denizli is the oldest settlement Plain emphasizing the Lightning,"the ancient city of Laodicea 7 thousand 500 years from now is a priority and local history is a typical Anatolian city, and previously a Greek settlement contrary to popular belief is not a Greek city in Anatolia and have determined that the placement of their own. Indeed this is a very important archaeological data."he said.

Simsek, Turkey's largest excavation Laodikya'da stating that"working with a team of close to 300. Grown in the nucleus of a stone here, especially in our own trained craftsmen, masons, craftsmen plaster, mortar, preparation, such as masters or masters masters have combine pieces of stone. we grow here. Currently we have 10 working area restaurateur, 10-18 archaeologist works."he said.


Turkey's largest excavations of the Phrygians are not Greeks Laodicea" comments for.


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