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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 16:58

Turkey's Top 500 in the Ebso Weight

Turkey's Top 500 in the Ebso Weight
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Released by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 2013 to Turkey's Top 500 Industrial organization of member firms of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry stamp.

İzmir news: Released by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 2013 to Turkey's Top 500 Industrial organization of member firms of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry stamp. EBSO members announced by 59 industry organizations iso entered the list of 500 largest companies . Central Istanbul, Ankara and or in other cities and , at the same time production in Izmir firms that carried out by considering the 500 large study last year, not in the list 7 EBSO member companies took part . 500 Industrial organization of member firms generate 13 percent of EBSO EBSO the list also entered the list of 44 companies in the top 100 list of the 500 biggest success was seen to enter .
EBSO Chairman Ender Yorgancılar, 500 Industrial Organization related data be examined in detail end equity structure with inadequate real sector companies need working capital and investment for the debt forced the profitability of the decrease , said:\"5 percent above the growth required Turkey , 4 percent are difficult to reach , if the economy will create employment would restrict . for that reason, based on production and employment, supporting growth policies implemented should believe that . in this context, the renewal we expect the incentive system is of great importance . such a period, the industrialists'new excitement is in need of underlining I'd like to , \"he said .
last year, 58 members of the list is included in the record Yorgancılar, \"said the 44 members, iso's top 500 in the list of sales from production, 10 percent of the net profit of cent percent 9.6's , the net assets per cent of the 6.6 percent the percentage of equity 5.6 percent , the percent of exports , 8.6 percent of the realized . In this context, we look ; In 2013 single-digit growth in the manufacturing sector , rising exchange rates , we see a reflection of declining exports . Especially in Turkey increased by 18 percent and 23 percent increase in private sector debt, private sector companies'balance of loans from abroad which was reflected in the negative . Higher interest rates across the companies'interest expenses also there is an increase , \"he said .
500 firms from production of sales in 2012 compared to 7.4 per cent of their turnover 8 per cent , 2 , while the EBSO 100 great study the firms'sales from production of 5.5 per cent of their turnover if increased 4.9 percent established that expressing Yorgancılar said:\"500 large firms export 7 per thousand decreased , the 100 largest member of our exports in the previous year, according to percentage (-) 18.7 decreased. When we look in terms of number of employees 500 Number of employees of the company increased by 4.2 percent compared to the year 2012 , our 100 large firms , there is also an increase of 6.2 percent . We have been doing for 32 years, working in our room , especially in recent years we have seen a very clear deterioration in the financial structure . Insufficient equity structure , the corporate sector borrowing for businesses that need capital and investment are compelled to stay . 500 Large firm's debt/equity ratio of 132.4 per , while the EBSO's 100 largest companies in the last year, the highest level reached so 191.4'e came . \"
In the exchange rates fluctuations Considering the real sector open FX position the risks of addressing Yorgancılar, \"realistic valuation , stable exchange rate policy is very important in this sense . Financing under pressure , we are faced with the problem of sustainability of production . Profit for our company , continues to decrease with each passing year . Despite increased sales , reduced profitability of our company , business growth , new investments orientation, even to continue operating in this field in the business world has led to a little more timid . In the 500 largest companies in 2013, the number of loss-making companies from 63 to 129 , 100 in our great members increased to 26 from 16 . So we see that in both studies , each one of the four largest firms has been damaged , \"he said .
needs to grow above 5 percent of Turkey's 4 percent growth rate with employment problems find a cure stressed that the EBSO Chairman Ender Yorgancılar, solution production and employment-friendly growth that supports the incentive system or voiced . Yorgancılar, \"5 percent above the growth required Turkey, 4 percent have it can get the economy will create employment may be limited . Therefore, based on production and employment policies that support growth , we believe that should be implemented . In this context, we expect the renewal incentive system is of great importance . In such a period is in need of an exciting new industry that I would like to underline . The economic and socio-political development , production , employment, human-development of a new model in the plane , to the center of this model of industrialization based innovation that needs to be clearly reveals. We congratulate each member placed on the list , its contribution to the country of their production , I wish to continue to increase profits , \"he said .

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